Messages 2016

When you follow your guidance, and be a channel of God’s Love, many blessings will follow

November 26th, 2016

Received by: Al Fike

Hawaii, United States of America

God bless you my beloveds, It is Andrew.

Yes, indeed you have been drawn back to this beautiful island. To bring love and light, be a channel of God’s Will in this place and as you move and connect with people both in the spirit and in the flesh you generate a light, you are a channel of God’s Love in the world.

And when you come together in these Circles of Light, these prayers, you reinforce the conditions of love, you regenerate yourselves and you become a more potent channel of love in this world. Together with a singleness of purpose you fulfill God’s desire and will to reach out to those souls all around you. My beloveds, all around you are those who are hungry, who are drawn, who are in need of a touch of love and as you move in this world, this place, God is igniting a desire within the souls who are in proximity to you. This light that is ignited, this spark of desire will bring change to each soul if they so desire this. It is your task and your loving desire to be a channel in this way wherever you go; to ignite this deep longing in the souls of others. It is so simple, my beloveds, so simple. And when you carry love, you carry a gift, a gift that can and will change this world and it is not for you to say “this person must be blessed, that soul will be touched”, no my beloveds, it is for you to say “Father I am a channel of your love, whomever you desire to touch, to ignite this longing within the souls of others, so be it. Make me that channel for you.”

In this way you will not be entangled within your mind as to what you must do. No, my beloveds, you will be carried in the flow of God’s Love, you will touch many souls, often unknowingly and you will fulfil your purpose in this way, you will fulfill what it is that has drawn you here, you will be that channel of love in innocence, simplicity and grace. So, keep yourselves open to God’s Will, my beloveds, the flow of His Love, the grace of His presence and light all around you. Many will feel this, be drawn to this, will be touched by this and in this way, you will have fulfilled your mission and purpose for being here.

Do not judge by the numbers who are drawn into your circles. No, my beloveds, do not worry about the impression you are making upon others. Be true to yourselves, be loving in all things and know that God is guiding you for God surely does guide you. You would not be here without His guidance and you are here because it is sanctioned and guided. The angels are here with you because of this very purpose which I have revealed to you.

Walk in the grace of His Love wherever you go this day. The angels will accompany you and the flow of God’s Love will be strong and influential wherever you go this day.

God bless you, it is Andrew and I love you and I will be with you and an angel will be with each one of you every moment of this day, every moment of the days to come and may the love flow in abundance, the laughter, the ease of walking through this world knowing that you walk in the flow of God’s Love. May you be at peace, beloved souls, and know that His Love burns bright within you. God bless you. Your brother Andrew loves you.