Messages 2017

Preparation for Direct Voice

June 17th, 2017

Gibsons, B. C. Canada

Received by Al Fike.


It is Augustine here and indeed I wish to add my commentary to your discussions regarding your future project together. You have been implored many, many times to seek for the Highest, to seek to Love. You continue upon this journey of discovering and implementing what Love really is, both within yourself and within your life. You struggle with your judgments, your feelings of hurt, your vulnerabilities, the stress that builds within your life. These are the conditions that impinge upon you, at times very forcefully indeed. Yet God is always there to uplift you. You have a soul that is in the Light and exudes Light and Love.

So, your primary challenge is taming the impulses of your mind, your minds that tend to get lost in its thoughts and in those negative emotions that derive from these thoughts. Beloveds, you are in God’s Hands and each of you will not be burdened by the need to engage in the material world in order to make a living and thus you have been selected, each one because you have this golden opportunity to sit together for an extended period of time for Direct Voice. This is a gift, this is a blessing and this has great potential.

We do not mean to put pressure upon any of you. We do not intend to make you walk a very strict line of behaviour. We do not intend to criticize, or condemn. No, my beloveds, as you have already said, each of you has a unique life and road to walk and challenges to confront. It is not we in spirit who will be insisting upon your efforts to confront these challenges. No, my beloveds, it is your own soul that compels you to release these conditions that are not of Love. Your own soul compels you to not make your minds and the emotions related to these thoughts, the primary motivator in your life. So, as you confront these challenges and change the patterns of your behaviour and release those conditions and thoughts that burden you, you begin to love, you begin to allow love to dawn out the darkness. Just as the sun floods your world with light, so you allow the Light within your soul to flood your consciousness, you allow God to touch every part of your being, so that you may be on that road to liberation, that the pain that is so prevalent within your world not be so prevalent within your inner world.

Joy is possible and it is possible to be unassailed by the negative conditions and negative forces of this world. You would not be invited into this circle to bring about a very high and refined gift if we felt that you were incapable and not strong enough to choose Light over darkness, to choose joy over pain, to choose Love, to express Love, to bring Love into every part of your being.

How is this choice made? Not by we in spirit, but by you, as you know that this act of love and sacrifice is important, is a gift that you are given, not only to the world but to yourselves. It is saying, ‟I love myself enough. I see enough Light and beauty and gifts within myself that I am ready to step forward into the world with this gift that will open up a powerful channel of communication for Truth and Love and Light to this world.” Like any attempt to bring Light there is also the onslaught of the dark forces and the darkness within yourself which confronts this. It tries to overwhelm the light, to bring feelings of pain and inadequacy, criticism, ange and, resentments and so much that is unnecessary and unwarranted, that does not exist except within your own minds.

Beloved souls, when you feel hurt by another it is rare that the intention originates from that individual; most often, these feelings of hurt originate within you. They arise out of some need to be loved and acknowledged. As long as you continue to look to the outer world for this acknowledgement and love, you will continue to feel these feelings of pain. But if you give Love, if you continue to be in the flow of God’s Love and allow that Love to wash over everyone and everything within your life, there is no room for this need from others, there is only Love. The Light penetrates the darkness, the Love flows because you are acknowledged and loved by God. I know this concept is difficult, you are human, you have your needs for love. You wish to feel a part of the great family of mankind. This is understandable. But what you are being asked with this Path of Love, the Divine Love, is to move in the world in a different way, to be nurtured by God, to put your needs to your Heavenly Father and to forge that path so clear and strong that God will meet all of your needs and in so doing, you will be a channel for others and you will show the way to this glorious, wondrous Path where Love reigns supreme, where there is no question of worthiness, there is no thought of inadequacy, there is no deep need to be loved for all of these needs are fulfilled in this one great relationship.

So, what is left in your relationship with others when God fills your needs so completely? There is joy. There is generosity of spirit. You are able to embrace all you meet. You have a sense of connection, my beloveds, and you give without feeling that you need something in return. This is a goal and this is possible.

When this gift of Direct Voice is developed many demands will be made upon you, my beloveds. There is much work to do. Many doors will be opened and opportunities offered to you. You must be ready and willing to serve in this way for we do not open these gifts merely for your own edification and gratification. No my beloveds, this is for the world and your participation in this outflowing and outpouring of Love and guidance is required and needs to be unencumbered by those expectations of the mind. This is soul work. This is where your souls will shine. This is where God will use you as His mighty channels of Love. In this, you must listen to your guidance and enact your guidance.

So, in these times of preparation that are ahead of you, I would urge you to consider what I have said. It is important to recognize how the human condition within you affects your instrumentality and this commitment for the Divine Love. There is no room for pretension and there is a great need for honesty both amongst yourselves and within yourself. You must reconcile the desires of your soul with the needs of your mind and see that they are indeed different and this is challenging.

Remember, beloveds, you have free will. Every day is a choice, what thought you think, what morsel of food you put in your mouth, what time you spend in prayer, how you interact with those around you. All is a choice. You have been well educated as to what is in harmony with this flow of Love and so we are entreating you to choose wisely, to be loving in all things, to make that choice for light so that indeed the sun of God’s Love may shine within every part of you and every part of your life. With this, all of these gifts will blossom and bear fruit. There will be no conflict. There will be harmony, joy and peace, the wisdom of your souls will flow forth, the Love of God will touch everything.

Yes, this is a great leap forward for you, a great challenge, a beautiful opportunity and God does not give you those challenges that are beyond your ability to embrace. No, my beloveds, you may bend but you will not break and through this experience you will grow tremendously. Beloved souls, you will find that precious and elusive balance between the mind and the soul and you will find harmony there, great harmony and joy. It is coming. We will help you as you choose to grow in Light. You will always have that help and upliftment and healing will abound. God will guide you. We are with you and you will continue to walk upon this great Path towards the Light of a thousand suns, the glory of the fountainhead of God’s Love.

God bless you, my beloveds. I am Augustine. I continue to walk with you on this great journey of discovery, this wondrous path of Love. God bless you, beloveds, God bless you.