Messages 2017

You can Change the World

May 19th, 2017

Bend, Oregon. U.S.A

Received by Al Fike


I am Mahatma Gandhi and I wish to communicate with this dear soul that hosts you in this home and tell her that I have been with her and I have brought my influence to her to assist her in the work that she does and the work that will manifest in her lifetime to help bring harmony to this world. There is a great door that is about to open, my friend, for you in service. You have prepared yourself well. You have deep insights and a soul that longs to serve God. And God will not waste your talents and your aspirations. God will use those who wish to serve and will bring forth opportunities that will bring Light and Peace and Truth to this world.

You have been waiting for this, my daughter. Your soul knows this to be true, and it is for you now to walk through the threshold of that mighty door and to serve those precious souls that are awaiting. And your dear son as well carries this light, and you will support and assist him to bring the healing and a higher level of consciousness to those he desires to touch. Help him to see that God will give all that is required for those who are willing to serve as His Instruments of change and Light in the world. Help him to know God, beloved soul. For every soul seeks the Creator, every soul has a knowing of God yet few understand this. Most are locked away in their minds, believing this is all there is. I tell you, if you can unlock that door and migrate your consciousness to your soul, great wonders await. Deeper, fuller understanding will come. And God will speak to you and give you what you require to serve humanity that is so in need of upliftment and truth and love.

I was one little man who changed the course of history in my world, my country. Where did this little man get his strength, his insight, his resolve - it was from God. It was by the Grace of God that I moved and spoke and loved. Think of me as you traverse this world and when you see things that need changing, know that with the Grace of God you may exert an effect that will bring greater harmony to your world. When one moves in faith, great works may be done. When one does so with humility and a desire to know God’s Will, wondrous works can be done. God needs all the lights, all the beautiful souls, to bring change and harmony to light up the world. Are you willing? Remember that this little man opened the eyes of many, was loved by many, because I followed the Truth, I spoke the Truth, and I was steadfast with God. Each of you has this capacity and ability. Each of you can change the world with enough faith, with enough resolve, equipped with Truth and a love of God.

I thank you for listening to me. I will continue to assist you, beloved daughter, in your efforts. For every soul that aspires for Light has an angel with them at all times. You are never alone. God is always with you.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Gandhi and I walk with you. God bless you.