Messages 2018

Release the Wounds and Burdens of Your Soul to God

November 11th, 2018

First United Spiritualist Church, Burnaby, B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso


Beloved souls, I am Augustine and I wish to come to you and address the many wounds and burdens that are upon a soul. My beloveds, there is not one soul on earth that does not carry wounds and burdens from their experiences in their lifetime. And I would like to encourage you today to realize that these are opportunities for you to come before your beloved Creator asking for healing, asking for that place in you to be healed by the Love and Grace of the One who has created you.

As you open your soul, you come to your beloved Creator with your heartfelt yearning asking to receive the Essence of this Love, this beautiful energy to flow into your souls, for it does come from outside of you. When this beautiful energy finds a crack in your soul to flow into, it finds residence in your soul and there begins the healing process, allowing these wounds which are of a negative force to be filled and healed by the highest gift available to mankind, Divine Love. This part of your soul then holds the Essence of Love and each time that you come before your Creator, opening the soul, longing for this Essence of Love to fill you, an accumulation of this Love builds in your soul. For it is over time as this Love resides in your soul and fills these wounds and the burdens begin to dislodge, begin to melt away and are healed. When you come time and time and time again with this simple prayer, yet so profound and powerful, there are changes that happen within you.

How does one know when these changes are taking effect? These burdens and wounds have less power over you and you have a greater sense of being able to be loving both to yourself and to others. Your emotions begin to change. What was once sadness, loneliness, worry or anger then is replaced by joy, compassion, empathy and a sense of being able to see yourself and others with a space of grace, a sense of compassion and understanding that all here on earth are doing their very best to be a loving and kind individual.

So beloveds, as you sit now with your souls open, yearning and longing to feel this Love of your Creator does it not feel wonderful, does it not feel comfortable, does it not feel comforting? Dear friends, this is available at all times. It is only for you to make an effort and it is only you that keeps yourself away from this healing. It is a most gracious, tender, all knowing and all caring Love that will heal you. So I leave you with a message to seek out the Love of your beloved Creator, allowing the essence, the trueness of who you are as a soul to be cared for by the One who has created you. As this Love flows into you my friends, you will see your essence grow and change into that of Love.

God bless you on this day, I am Augustine and I reside in the Celestial Kingdom. My love is with you. God bless you.