Messages 2018

You Enter a new Phase of Service

January 1st, 2018

West Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


This is your teacher Augustine. You enter a new phase of your service to God, for this is a time when doors will open for you my beloved souls, doors of awareness within your soul, doors of service within this world. As your minds adjust to the awakenings of your souls, so you will be able to perceive and to accept what is coming for each one of you. There will be no doubt, no confusion, no misunderstanding. God’s Will will be laid plainly before you my beloved souls, in all its power and simplicity. It is for you to accept and gladly allow the Will of God to manifest through you. You are ready for this beloveds. You have prayed for this and you have sought the Father’s Love to make those healings and changes within you and you begin to awaken and understand your purpose as given to you by God. 

Yes, many changes are coming not only in this world, but within you, within your perspectives, within the realms of your service to humanity. You will be drawn to many souls, as many souls will be drawn to you. Remember my beloveds, these things are from God and you must go to God for your guidance so to keep you in balance, in harmony, in Light, that you are not overwhelmed by the intensity of the clamour of humanity. So many in your world seek love. They seek to be told what to do in their lives. They seek to understand Truth and they seek to put the onus on others to bring harmony within themselves. You must teach the power of each soul to go to God, to know the gift of His Love, to know the gift of His Blessings. You must resist the temptation of a sort of adulation that comes from those who recognize your Light and your gifts, rather to humbly point to the Source of All and say: “This is from whence all of my gifts and this Light and Love comes. It comes from our Creator, it is for each child to petition God to receive these gifts of Love, the source of all abundance and goodness. Love and power comes from God. Let God pour His Blessings upon your brothers and sisters.” Seek to inspire, to teach these Truths in simple ways, seek to be a channel of HIs Love, seek to keep yourselves ever closer to the Source of all. In this way, all that is meant to be shall be in harmony and in grace, in the flow of His Will, in the timing that is meant to be. 

There is no need to second guess God, there is only a need to be in prayer with each and every day, and to listen with your heart and your soul to God’s sweet whisperings and to act upon those truths and guidance that you receive in your times of prayer and communion with God. Many of your questions will be answered my beloveds. They will come from time to time when it is required that you know. Be patient my beloveds, be faithful and continue to pray earnestly for the Father’s Love to flow into your souls with every moment of every breath of every day.

God bless you my beloveds. Your teacher Augustine continues to walk by your side to help you to understand the awakenings of your souls, the blessings from God and the wonderment of His Creation. My love continues to be with each one of you. Forever more it shall accompany you, for my love is God’s Love and God’s Love is my love and so we all join together in this wondrous Light, this beautiful blessing from God. This shall be forevermore my beloveds. God bless you and I love you. Your teacher Augustine is with you. God bless you.