Messages 2019

Solomon Speaks of Wisdom of the Soul

February 14th, 2019

Gibsons. B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

I am Solomon and I come to speak about wisdom. On your Earth plane, you concern yourselves with the wisdom of your mind and wonder about the wisdom of your souls. Here in this Circle of Light you wish to awaken the wisdom of your souls through receiving the gift of Divine Love. This gift is readily given as you continue to pray and open yourself, awakening the faculties of your soul, bringing forth the wisdom of your soul. For you upon the Earth plane the mind still has predominance and insists upon questioning the wisdom of the soul, desiring to make sense from the mental perspective of all that comes into your mind and all that comes into your soul. This questioning and analyzing becomes a reflexive part of your way of understanding truth.

When the soul has a degree of awakening, when the soul brings its own wisdom into your conscious self, the mind must recede in its desire to control and accept truth. This is difficult for you my friends. You live in a world that is all of thought and mind, of analysis and proof. When you receive in a different way through your intuition and gifts, some truth that comes from the soul, there is often skepticism and mistrust. Though within you you know that what is coming through this avenue of awareness is closer to the truth than the mental reckonings of your material mind.

You see the reality that you create within your mind, your perceptions of truth that come from your life experiences and your mental constructs, the paradigms that you create with your mind, are for the most part illusions. They shift and bend in accordance to the perceptions of the mind. Though you share a common reality that comes from the five senses, you do not truly know the reality of Creation until your soul awakens and the perceptions of the soul see clearly. Until that day you continue to rely upon truths and perceptions that are malleable by the conditions of your world.

As you construct your truth, your reality, there are some parts that are of truth and some that are not and it is for you to discern between the two. This is where the wisdom of the soul comes into play, my friends, for there is a part of you that truly knows. These antennae receive truth and is able to discern its reality and within you is the gift of soul discernment. Within you is the power to know truth, truth that is within the soul and the capacities of the soul to understand and observe and receive truth. Truth comes with the inflow of the Father’s Love within your soul as a knowing comes, a powerful recognition comes from deep within your soul. In this way, there is no confusion within the soul, for when the mind of the soul is activated these faculties work together in harmony to bring deep truth to your consciousness.

Your challenge, beloved souls, is to put the power of the material mind in alignment with the mind of the soul so that truth may come to your consciousness more clearly. This can be a great struggle, I know. The world does not encourage these kinds of pursuits. The world, your culture and your brothers and sisters all walk in a world that is not of love of God but of man. In this way there is only one true place where reality can exist and that is the mind, the material mind. You run against the grain of society do you not? Seeking truth in other ways, walking a different path, seeking with the eyes of the soul rather than that of the material senses.

You must come to trust this truth that grows within your soul. It requires a strength and clarity, faith and a willingness to listen, to receive and to acknowledge these things that are within you. The Divine Love of God awakens your soul and in this way the strength and faith that you need, the perceptions that are required comes with the Grace of God within you.

The pursuit of truth need not be such a struggle. With faith you realize that truth comes and unfolds like a flower within you, petal by petal revealing the beauty within, the symmetry and the wonderment of God’s Creation. Upon this journey of awakening, is there not great joy? Are there not wonderful surprises and awakenings that come unbidden yet powerfully? This is the journey of love, my friends. This is the journey of true awakening, not cultivating many thoughts and words and constructs within the mind but relying upon the intuition and true knowings of your soul.

These things are not constructed in the way that the mind constructs its truth. It comes as a gift often complete and multi-dimensional in its understanding. In this awakened soul it is able, through its faculties, to absorb these gifts of truth and it is a powerful shift of consciousness, an awareness of your lives’ reality. It does not engender fear but joy, nor confusion but clarity.

God places you upon a powerful path, a path that awakens and informs the soul, allows truth to manifest in all parts of your awareness and being, healing all within you, bringing a great capacity to perceive deeply, to understand acutely the Creation of God and all the wonderments of the Universe.

Beloved souls, seek this Love above all else. Allow the transformation of your soul and your mind so that all will work in the light and beauty of God’s Touch upon you. Yes with great shifts of awareness, experiences deep and profound, capacities to love and to truly understand your brothers and sisters, to have deep compassion and a deep knowing from your heart that you are all brothers and sisters and children of God.

May you know a deep peace, my beloved friends. May deep wisdom flourish within your soul and may great strength and perception come with this gift of wisdom that all you do may be colored with truth and love. May God bless you, my friends who seek truth, and may you come to find what you truly seek. God bless you. I am Solomon. God bless you my friends.