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Q&A: The Law of Attraction and Dark Spirit Attachments

July 13th, 2019

Received by Al Fike.

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

I have returned, Josephus. How beautiful it is that Luke has spoken to your souls, spoken in words and love. Now I will attempt to address your minds for this is where your questions come from, is it not? I’m here to receive your question.

QG. Thank you dear Josephus. This is the question we have chosen: “As we progress on our path and as a part of our healing efforts, we come across people who have or may have dark spirits attached. What is the best way that we can assist both the human and that spirit or spirits?” Thank you.

J. Well, I believe that my answer will be very simple: the power of prayer, my beloved souls. What you call an attachment of a spirit is merely a relationship that has been built between an individual soul and that spirit who by the Laws of Rapport and Communication has created a very strong bond indeed. One reinforces the other, does it not? The thoughts of the mortal and the thoughts of the spirit go back and forth, blended together creating such a sense in one way that they are at one, much like you feel when you are close to a friend and you understand one another and there is comfort in this understanding.

A spirit that lives in a dark corner of God’s reality is lonely, is in need of friends for comfort and seeks out a mortal to do so. Because often in the plane that they exist, though there are many other spirits with them, there is a deep sense of isolation and loneliness. It is possible because of the Laws of Attraction for that dark spirit to be drawn to a mortal who has within themselves dark thoughts and emotions. This relationship then forms between the two. The spirit is lost within the reality of this mortal in your world. This is a rather sad situation, to see what you call attachments maintained in your material world, but indeed they do exist and are quite common.

Your friend who came to visit has a keen awareness of these conditions and this relationship. Though he may not explain this in the way that I have, he still understands quite keenly what is involved and is able to communicate with that spirit and urge it to remove itself from its relationship with the mortal. This is a very difficult thing to do, beloved souls, to convince that spirit who has found so much comfort, who has been able to feed off the energies of the mortal and feel some relief from its loneliness and condition of pain. It requires special skills and abilities and perceptions, a strength to help to release that mortal from its condition of attachment with the spirit.

Yes prayer is helpful, beloveds. In fact, with an intense prayer done in faith, love and understanding of the situation so that there is compassion and love, there can be healing accomplished and we are always there to assist you in these situations. Though without the right conditions and capacities, we are unable to accomplish the task without those who are gifted in this regard.

This is a complex matter, beloved souls. Again, it reflects the unhealthy and dark conditions of your world, how the psyches of many mortals are polluted by the influence of the dark spirits. They are drawn by the inclinations and desires of those mortals. This is why we stress to you to keep your thoughts elevated, to be aware of your motivations, to be aware of your judgments, those things within you that do not reflect love because you draw to you darkness when you entertain darkness. You draw to yourselves pain when darkness is present. You know this. You sense this within yourself.

I am not suggesting that there are attachments, as you call it, amongst you but I do say that every mortal is vulnerable if they do not follow the laws and understand the dynamics that are involved. Most mortals do not. They have no idea of what is going on from this side of life that is so dynamic and so immediate in its responses to attraction and influence by the spirit world.

Yes you broach as I say a very difficult subject, complicated in its nature for free will is involved. The desires of mortals and the desires of spirits merging together to create a condition that is difficult to unravel and creating a bond that is difficult to sever. So those who are gifted in this way provide a very beautiful service to humanity. Those who do this with love and who need your love and respect and prayers and support for the intensity of this work and the vastness of this unfortunate condition in the world is great. There are very few in your world who are capable of being effective instruments to heal these conditions.

Yes your prayers may help, beloveds. Your understanding and your compassion are important. Some may develop these gifts if they so choose so that they may help the dark spirits and those mortals encased in this dark condition. But it takes a great deal of fortitude and strength, commitment and perception combined with a gift, a great gift and capacity to work in this way.

In every way, beloveds, there is much work to do. On every level and aspect and layer of life there is darkness and disruption and disharmony and pain. When we say there is much work to do, we are indeed understating the situation which you face upon this world. Yet for you to remain strong and in connection and contact with your Heavenly Father, guided, developed, strengthened, directed and purposeful, we have asked you to listen to God’s Will and be obedient to it.

We are not suggesting that you take on this task and develop these gifts unless this is the Will of God, unless you are called to do so. Though you may do so of your own free will, it is always your choice but God knows your gifts. He knows your potential and He has a plan to engage these possibilities and potentials within this plan. So I suggest that you listen to your guidance and come to appreciate what it is that God wishes for you to do. It may not be as dramatic as this gift that I speak of but is it less effective in the ways of bringing light into your world?

Consider the wisdom of God and the desire of God for you to work with God, to be with God, to enable God to work through you. This is the highest of aspirations. This comes with the power of His Love within your souls. Seek to serve in the flow of harmony of God’s Will and Love in this world and all will come as it should, unfold and awaken within this plan. Yes many will be uplifted. Many will find healing and release from the darkness and find joy rather than pain in their lives. Have faith that you will play your part, that you will express your gifts, that your service will mean something, beloveds, and have its impact in the world. Trust in God. Trust in God’s Will.

I thank you, my beloved souls. I am Josephus and I will say my good-byes for now but will return. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you.