Messages 2020

Be Aware of What is in your Heart

July 3rd, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Luke. I am your brother and friend in Christ. I don’t usually speak through this dear brother but as he had mentioned me in his prayer, I heard and came. I wish to comment on the heart and the longings of the soul. If you could see into each soul laid bare, the desires, the longings, the physical appetites, the prejudices, the beliefs and so forth, all of which are of the mind but are held in the soul, you would see that the afflictions of the heart represent the disparity between the two. For the soul in its essence makes no distinctions and in the case of all these in this circle the longings are to be at-one with their Creator, our Loving Creator.

If you must be serious and many of you are very serious, be serious about your happiness that comes with your soul receiving the Father’s Love. For as I said about your heart being where your treasure lies. If your heart is in sorrow you will draw that, if your heart is in joy and in happiness and love you become a magnet for that grace and goodness. We here ask you each to be aware of what is in your heart and the thoughts you hold and allow your souls to take precedence in the longings for God’s love so that your hearts may be in joy and that you may walk this earth not without compassion and empathy for suffering for the hungry, the homeless, the marginalized but in fact with great compassion and the love of God in your souls so you will bring joy even there.

May God bless each one with a great inflowing of His love. I am your brother in Christ, Luke. God bless you