Messages 2020

Elementals Used in Healing

October 8th, 2020

Abbotsford, B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso

May the blessing of God’s great Essence flow into your souls and fill you deeply making you whole in the union with God. My name is La Joya and I am one of the celestial healers that have been working with you. I have recently begun working through this instrument in her healing work, where the blessing of the celestials come together bringing our healing and spiritual presence on behalf of the beautiful souls who seek this instrument and the instrumentality of her healing gift.

When on Earth I resided in the southern regions of the west coast of America. I am a Native American and now I am a soul transformed in God’s Love. When I walked the Earth I worked with my people in ways deeply connected to the elementals of the earth, the universe and stars recognizing God’s creation and workings. I have been offered the opportunity to come forward to speak to some degree on the various elementals used in healing.

There is the elemental of wind, the workings of God through the elemental of wind, which is the gift that I carry. The workings of this gift help to release conditions attached to you and cleanse the environments you live in through the grace of God’s workings with the elemental of wind. You may feel at times a breeze as we work with you in the development of your healing gift and it is through this blessing that we can clear that which is around you to bring greater peace into your being and your experience. Such wind can also come through the breath. There are times where we can utilize the workings of your own breath and bring healing in this way.

There is the elemental of sound. God working and bringing blessings through sound, the sounds of the earth all the way to the celestial sounds and beyond. You may hear a sound that vibrates through your body releasing tightness while feeling its vibration. Your own voice and sound when aligned and harmonious has a deep and powerful ability to bring healing. When you speak words from your soul the sound that resonates can be healing. There are some gifted with the ability to hear the angelic sounds and have this move through them. This is another healing elemental.

There is the elemental of light - a very powerful elemental. We can touch upon your body igniting light through you that illuminates a great vitality at a cellular level bringing healing and a vibration of healing through this light emanating through your body. You know the Light of God in a soul is very powerful and your own light shining is a healing gift for others. As you continue to pray and have this gift of Divine Love bless your soul, the light of your soul attracts many for it is a healing light. Colour also sits within light and there are a variety of colours used to bring various outcomes in healing. God blesses earth with many colours, a rainbow - a bouquet of colour - to meditate upon to fill your environments with and clothe your body. You can use light and colour as a healing elemental.

There is also a substance similar to water that can be used to pour over the individual and bring blessings and a washing to release their mind and cleanse and alleviate the heavy thinking patterns and bring an openness into the mind which will allow light to penetrate.

These various elementals we are gifted with. Certain elementals are stronger and more dominant in some of us than others. There are those angels who are gifted with all of these elementals. This would be the case in our beloved Lotus Blossom and it is why she has been given the gift of overseeing the development of your healing circle. She is deeply gifted with all of these elementals and more. She is a great teacher in spirit and is busy visiting each of you in sleep state bringing forth understandings in the healing arts, teaching you and showing and guiding you.

We are blessed to have her leading the way - a most precious soul, one who is deeply, deeply knowledgeable with an understand in the healing arts.

I thank you for allowing me to introduce myself. I bring my gifts of the wind upon each of you cleansing your environments, cleansing your internal environment and your mental environment. May the breath of God blow deeply into you, carrying you into realms of spirit with blessings of Love

God bless you dear souls, I am La Joya, God bless you.