Messages 2020


May 12th, 2020

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here Care. You may wonder about the gifts of the prophets old and new, past and present. How they could see into the future? How they could predict certain events? I had this gift but my gift was more directly from the angels. When on earth spending so much time in prayer they could tell me who was ill, who could be cured, which way to walk and so forth. When a prophet is in their soul and the soul perceptions are active they are given a window. On the level of the mind this can be called intuition, the power of prediction.

For instance if you see two groups of people at odds with each other and they are gathering their weapons and they are tossing accusations back and forth, one can pretty much predict civil unrest at the very least and possibly war. I predicted my own death, my own passing into spirit. This came to me in a vision more than once and I told my beloved and my children. How was I able to do this you may wonder? Even I was amazed but I will say it was an answer to a prayer in a way. My vision was delivered to me so that my passing could be understood as meant to be. This gift was given to me directly from the Celestial realms.

You have heard the Master say there were certain events he could see including his own death. This is of course because of the degree of God’s love in his soul, he was given the vision. As you look into your soul and see what can be we encourage you to look for the light, look for the path that sustains love, that awakens your soul, that embraces the many, that regards the earth and the preciousness of every life, and your dear mother earth.

I hope that I have answered the questions of some who have wondered about these gifts and I hope for those who are concerned that God’s Love brings them peace, as is said: “The peace that passes understanding.” How we wish this for all of you.

May your circle continue to be blessed in light and love and the embrace of The Heavenly Father as you ascend towards the Celestial heavens. May God bless each one. Thank you for allowing me this time. With all my love. I am Care