Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Spread Love by every means Available

January 20th, 2021

Punalu’u, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

I am here your brother in Christ, John. I come on this day of hope1, the rays of love descending upon the earth, rejoicing. As you read those words that were given to James Padgett by myself and others, most especially on the laws of rapport and communication, I ask you to take them in with your souls, that they may resonate with your being. For indeed they are of great importance.

I come to encourage this one receiving this message to go ever deeper in his prayer that his soul may be able to communicate the highest truths. He is indeed well on his way despite his reluctance and I would say at times, resistance. I wish to thank all those here for their encouragement of this medium for these messages received here will reach many, beyond your vision.

It is important at this time to reach out in as many ways as you can with the truth of God’s Love. If you can do this in song, so be it. In poetry, so be it. In film, so be it. In telling a tale, so be it. For there are many ways to receive the truth and there are many expressions. The reason for this being that the diversity of souls creates a situation where many different channels are used to inspire and bring the truth of God’s Love and the higher truths of the spirit world to all humankind.

When you touch the heart of any human something opens and the heart supersedes the mind, and things that were once tightly held beliefs, take a backseat to the great driver of Divine truth and the Presence of God’s Love. This is why we often say if you cannot reach someone with words, just love them, encourage them, bring them music and inspiring words. This you all do with each other and you see how it lifts you up and moves you to prayer in this receiving of the beautiful gift of God’s love. I shall come again and I am pleased with the reception of what I had to say and delighted with your small group of devout souls, which in reality is a much larger group that you will one day see.

May the light and love of the Creator be with you, stay with you. On this day of joy may each of you indulge in the happiness that is yours. Let you light shine my dear friends. God bless you. I am your brother in Christ. I am John.

Note 1 Change of administrations in the U.S.A. government.