Important Spiritual questions Answered in Q & A Sessions

During the last two years of spiritual retreats located around North America and Australia, we have been guided to ask questions directed towards our Celestial Teachers. While they insist on questions regarding soul growth and deeper spiritual truth rather than personal matters, those questions that we have asked have been answered with great wisdom and acuity. The predominant teacher during these Q & A sessions has been a marvelous Celestial teacher by the name of Josephus. He was an ancient philosopher and historian of the Jewish religion while on earth. He has been known to sustain a rapport with Al Fike for upwards of one hour and twenty minutes while answering various questions. This is a highly unusual form of communication and a powerful demonstration of Celestial rapport. His responses are both comprehensive and clear. Others, such as Augustine and Mathew have also taken part in these sessions. Answers to many important spiritual questions are contained in this section.

Author Title Date of Message
Augustine Questions Regarding Guidance about Earth Changes January 26th, 2019
Sri Yarisupta Questions Answered About Divine Love Healing January 26th, 2019
Jesus Jesus Incarnated as a Complete Soul and Has No Other Half or Soulmate January 27th, 2019
John the Beloved Sleep State Question & Answer January 27th, 2019
Josephus The Indwelling Spirit is not a valid construct July 9th, 2019
Josephus Truth Comes When the Soul Begins to Awaken from Deep Slumbers November 16th, 2019