Messages 2019

Whoo! This is Wonderful!

June 14th, 2019

World Healing Centre, Blackpool, U.K.

Received by Jimbeau Walsh

You felt me in Ireland and you realized you did not need to go to my summer place there to be with me, just to have a thought about me was all that was required. And today, as on this journey, you bring laughter and love and song and joy. Whoo! This is wonderful! I may follow you around for a while! I told you I would help you with this and so I am, and perhaps not in the way you think. So, as you said (to someone) earlier, “Meditation is not what you think.” That was funny! So, just be in your soul and I will be my soul with your soul on this journey, bringing laughter and joy and love and much music and delight.

This is a wonderful place of Light. It is a joy to be with you and your dear sister. This is a good thing you are doing. Many will be blessed. I am on the Path of Roses, of Divine Love and I support you. Thank you for letting me come through. I love you very much. I am your friend, Charles.