New Teachings from Jesus

In late September 2020 Jesus announced that he would use Al Fike to deliver a series of teachings - probably on the soul. He had chosen Al because of several factors not least of which were Al’s efforts to reach and maintain a high spiritual level that allows a very good rapport with Jesus and other Christed spirits. We will use this page to focus on these special teachings.

There can be a delay after receiving these messages before they appear in print. But we now have a podcast page that has the messages very soon after the audio file is distributed.  

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus Instructions to Follow to Receive Special Teachings September 28th, 2020
Jesus Lesson 1 - The First Milestone in the Journey of the Soul - Expiation October 1st, 2020
Jesus Lesson 2 - Choose to Change Your Ways and Your Understanding of the World October 8th, 2020
Jesus Lesson 3 - How the Mind and the Human Condition Manifests the Darkness in this World October 15th, 2020
Jesus Lesson 4: Journey through the Spirit Spheres October 22nd, 2020