Space Brothers and Sisters

We have now received a reasonable number of communications from Space Brothers and Sisters. These are listed in the table below.

Author Title Date of Message
Goldie and Kentor Goldie and visitors from another Galaxy March 12th, 1969
Kentor Kentor - Visitor from another Galaxy. August 12th, 1969
Shandor Shandor’s Comments about Direct Voice March 8th, 2018
Shandor A Revolution in Your World is Coming March 15th, 2018
Orion Introduction from Another Planet September 7th, 2021
Orion We are unifying physical and soul, so no one will be left behind September 9th, 2021
Orion Affirms Working with Seretta Kem September 16th, 2021
Orion and Jesus Orion Describes Himself and His Planet – Jesus Affirms Orion is Here to Help us on Earth October 5th, 2021
Orion Prayer for our World October 8th, 2021
Orion Orion responds to questions asked November 5th, 2021
Orion Talk on Inter-Planetary Communication November 7th, 2021
Orion Sequel to Questions and Answers November 11th, 2021
Orion Divine Love is the Universal Truth November 14th, 2021
Orion Tender and Powerful Blessing for our Soul Potentials November 16th, 2021
Orion We Stand Beside You November 23rd, 2021
Orion More Information about the Crystal Gift November 27th, 2021
Orion Call to Action! We are All Deeply Needed in God’s Plan December 4th, 2021
Orion Will Be with Us in Troubled Times Ahead December 17th, 2021