Messages 1969

Goldie and visitors from another Galaxy

12th March 1969.

Vancouver, Canada.

Medium not known.


My dear friends, how pleased I am to be with you again. I am always here 
working with you or I should say the instrument here helping him. There is so much power, you see, and we do wish that all of you develop and I hope that
 all of you are noticing an improvement in your spiritual gifts, because we
 have been using the power to develop you in this way and if I speak to you at
 any length, then you see, that power is used. We do not wish to revert to a 
lower frequency that uses less power because not too much of consequence can 
come through on a lower frequency and X would much rather if you were strong
 enough that we use some time to develop your gifts.

You know that each time you sit like this you do receive wonderful chemicals
 and wonderful blessings are given to you and those of you who can see will see those blessings raining down, in the form of lights.

There are quite a number of spirits who are interested in seeing what
 we have to do and are learning our method of operation so that they can use
 this with their instruments so we have quite a number with us tonight also.

We all like to learn new things, don’t we? We don’t like to limit our
 knowledge, we always want to learn more, strive for greater knowledge,
 greater understanding and greater love. We want you to have more of this
 knowledge and as you grow in God’s Love you will find it very interesting to travel through the universe. Which you will.

Question. How will we be able to do that?

A. You will travel in the same way we travel.

Q. From earth here?

A. Certainly - there is no reason why you cannot.

Q. In our spirit bodies?

A. Yes.

Q. And we leave our material bodies here?

A. Yes, you couldn’t take your material body.

Q. How many years away do you think that is?

A. That depends on the individual soul and the development and, of course, for some it will be easier than others for some have a natural ability, and their body chemistry is such they are able to leave the physical body but this is an inherited trait and does not necessarily depend on soul development.

Q. Has it been done before?

A. Yes, it has been done quite often. Those spirits who travel in this
 way, though they are in the mortal, they are not aware that they have been
 away, they feel they have been away in a dream state. They are not aware 
that they have been. Very often you see in science fiction books and this type of literature has been received in this manner and although the picture is blurred, of course, and added too, although small bits of information is gleaned this way and carried out into the writings of the individual, it is not to be relied upon.

Q. What are these flying saucers that are around and is there anything to that?

A. There are many intelligences greater than your own - yes, and there are those intelligences that are aware of life on earth and the time will come when your earth will trade.

Q. Will we be able to communicate with them?

A. Yes, you will trade in an economic way.

Q. You will dematerialize a substance and then take it away?

A. Yes, as a matter of fact I brought up this subject for I have friends with me here who are from a galaxy outside your solar system and they are very
interested in making contact with earth.

Q. They are in a human body living on some other planet in some other galaxy - they are not spirits from the spirit world but the universe of matter?

A. They are not from the spirit world but they are with me now in the body which is in the material form and a different rate of vibration from yours.

Q. Can they see us now?

A. Yes, they can see you and they communicate by telepathy. They are able
 to read your thoughts and the body forms are similar to ours but the rate 
of vibration is different and they are very visible to me. It would depend
 on your spiritual development and there should be no reason why you should
 not see them if you were spiritually developed to a degree.

Q. Are they standing in front of us as I see a light.

A. Shall I bring them? I shall bring them to the center and perhaps you may see them. Are you able to see them?

(no recorded answer)

A. This particular group are far more advanced spiritually and there is no
 illness where they dwell. Their state of existence is very happy - very 
considerably higher than the earth plane. It is interesting for them you
 see, for they are able to pick up the earth vibrations from this group and
 they can be brought into this atmosphere amongst friends. They are aware
 that you are interested in their home. Perhaps I could give you the spelling of their names - ZEROLIS, he is one - KENTOR is the second - he is the tall one in the center, dark of complexion and broad shouldered. The one to the
 instrument’s left, he is the first one I mentioned, he would have a gold
 light about him and SERTOX he is to the right, these three. It is interesting
 for you also to know these men are with us, for they do bring certain elements that we can use for your development and transmit to you, so it is helpful for you that they are present with us. They are just as interested
 in you as you are in them. They see you as you are in your soul development 
when they are in their spiritual condition as they are now. It will be
 interesting when we can get knowledge and transmit it from their planets 
and they would be pleased to bring it. You see there are so many elements which are very simple and could he used for such marvellous good hut when 
mankind lacks the soul development it is not safe for these to he brought 
to earth. It is those who are in fear who would use these elements for
 destructive purposes and so the blessing is changed into a curse because of
 man’s ignorance and so these things are with held from earth in love - but the
 time will come.

Greetings - I am Kentor. It is very interesting for me to control an
 instrument on earth. I am from a far distant galaxy, very very far distant 
and would take many years for you to travel. I would say according to your
 years the distance that we live would take, I estimate would take one
 thousand of your years for you to arrive if you travelled at the speed of light. The place where we live is very, very much in advance of your civilization, very much in advance. We have vast cities, vast populations, 
our scientific advances are so far above yours there could be no room for 
comparison. I, myself, am interested in scientific things and it is for 
this reason I have come to discover more of the universe and the differences.

Our cities are so beautiful, most beautiful - the structures are very different from yours of earth - we have a number of circular buildings with circular domes on the structures. Our light is different from your light and remains constant. We use forces that are not available to you at this time.

We have no hospitals, we have no correctional institutions, no places of 
detention. Children are taught at home, not by their parents, but by a 
method of communication which is unknown to you. So they receive their 
instruction from the one source and they can progress at their own intellectual level. They play as your children play and they learn as your
 children learn. Our procreation systems are the same although they have no 
pain. When the mother gives birth to the child, as you have here, there are 
no complications. It is a natural thing, so there is no need for hospitalisation. It is a natural painless process. Our climate is fair and warm and no
 extremes of temperatures as you have here. There is a variety of dress to
 suit the whims of the people. Our materials are of a different texture,
 very different from those of earth. I do not recognize any of your materials 
that would resemble ours. We do have a language but we have a higher 
method of communication with thought, therefore, the children learn very
 young in their lifetime, that they cannot deceive their fellow man and this 
knowledge at the outset serves a very useful purpose, as you can imagine.

For you see, in our business ventures, there is no dishonesty for there 
cannot be. We have stronger love feelings, one for the other. We are united
 in bonds of unity and love. We would have the same love for a stranger as
 you show to one another here. We have no fears as we have nothing to fear.

We know that we shall go on living - our life span is so much longer than
 yours and we leave our material bodies as you do. The process is never
 painful. We travel considerably to other planets, neighbouring planets. We exchange commodities and thoughts. We avoid certain areas that are of
 low progression.

Q. Are there other people living on other planets in our solar system?

A. In your immediate system - none.

Q. How long did it take you to come to this earth plane?

A. A moment of time. I will return very briefly when this evening is past. We will return in a moment of time but where you travel in a material way, your life span would not be long enough to reach us.