Soul Truths

The age-old question of who and what are we can only be answered with the often unrecognised faculties of the soul. Hence our dilemma in coming to know this core part of us. We are, according to the many messages given to us from Celestials, first and foremost a soul experiencing a physical and spiritual existence. The soul survives death and continues to thrive in the world of spirit indefinitely. The soul has no physical form and so even our Angel friends have trouble explaining the characteristics of soul through words and ideas but they try to do so through various means of communication to inspire us in the right direction.

The conscious mind and reality that we live in daily rarely senses the soul within. Often, we need help and intervention in order to glimpse the soul. Yet it is through soul that we can understand God since God is pure soul and within us is a reflection of what that is. The perceptions of the soul are so misunderstood and unawakened that little of our earthly existence guides us towards it.

Mental speculation may give us a mirror image of our true selves but beyond that the material mind is inadequate for the job. The very essence of the teachings given by our Celestial friends is to direct us towards the answers. They unequivocally state that the first step toward finding these answers must be to develop the soul. They give us a simple road to follow: “Ask in prayer for the inflowing of God’s Love, His essence, into our souls.” They say that the soul has a position in the body, a personality and a purpose. It is the real you and potentially the eternal you. It possesses faculties, spiritual gifts and its own mind that perceives differently from our well-known material mind.

The soul has no material elements, the closest one may come to a definition is to say that it is pure energy and a reflection of the Divine Energy but not yet realized in potential or expression. The road to realizing this potential is simple and is emphasized in practically every Celestial message conveyed on this site. Yet getting there is a journey of trial and error, overcoming the dominance of the mind and giving way to the subtle, yet persistent ways of the soul. As one journeys further into soul awakening, as our Celestial friends call it, the understanding and experience of the reality of the soul takes shape. There are no shortcuts, formulas or tricks, just consistent prayer and desire to be with the Creator, which opens one to the Gift of Divine Love. All else follows in accordance to the amount of the Divine Essence received.

Although there are few Celestial messages teaching about the soul directly, some have come through describing the soul in specific ways. Our Celestial friends are all soul, and do not possess a material mind as we know it because they have been fully absorbed and transformed by their redeemed souls. Their dilemma and challenge is to put into concrete terms something that in no way reflects the material words and thinking of the mind. They are also limited by the brain and mind of the medium to convey such abstract ideas. But they persist and occasionally bring through something that approximates the truth of the existence of soul, inspiring us further on our quest for soul truth.

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