Messages 2018

60:40 Soul Mind Guidance: Part 2

May 17th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


God bless you, I am your teacher Augustine and you continue to have questions regarding the guidance that I gave through this instrument a few days ago. Foremost I wish to say that I’m not indicating that 60% of your day must be within your soul and 40% within your mind. This is not the goal. The goal is to have the mind dominated by the soul at all times, so that when you are perceiving the world and interacting with the world the root expression of your being may come from the soul.

And if you think of the soul as a light, then that light must shine bright and influence the mind so that this combination, this marriage of soul and mind, may involve the dominance of the soul guiding the mind and guiding your consciousness. When you are in this circumstance of the dominance of the soul, you become aware of its influence, the mind of the soul, the light of the soul, the love of the soul, the faculties of the soul and that you carry this consciousness with you wherever you go and whatever you do. To put forth an expectation that you would express the consciousness of the soul in its completeness and all its power and beauty to such a degree that the mind is completely subjugated by the soul, is an unrealistic expectation at this time for any of you who are progressing with the Divine Love. I was merely attempting to encourage you to bring the soul consciousness to a more acute realization, so that it may dominate the consciousness of your being but still operate in conjunction with the consciousness of your mind. Yet the soul consciousness would be the dominant factor while the mind contributes and adds to this level of awareness, this shifted thinking and being and perceiving. This is possible my beloveds, this is possible.

Think of this as if you were mixing colours. On one hand you have yellow and on the other hand you have red. Now if the mind were considered the red colour and the soul the yellow if you desire to make a beautiful orange, a sunset orange, what percentage would you mix together? Predominantly yellow mixed with red. And so we wish for the predominance of your consciousness to be of the soul, but we understand that you must also include the infusion of the mind with the soul to create this harmonious intermingling of thoughts and of consciousness. It is not one or the other my beloveds. Your experience in life is not one or the other, it is not soul or mind. It is a combination of mixing of these two aspects of yourselves once you have discovered and come to the realization of your own soul, so that soul awareness comes into your conscious self and influences your thinking and perceptions.

And so we encourage you to heighten your awareness, your conscious acknowledgement of your soul, to bring the predominant factors of the soul forward so that your thinking, who you are and how you respond and experience life is coloured by the soul and the soul faculties. This in turn is coloured by God and His Love for you. So the chain becomes more palpable in your experience of life, this connection with God, this connection with your own soul, this allowing the mind to make room for this other consciousness, this other way of being in the world.

This cannot happen by a mere desire and whim to be in this place. It takes practice and focus, prayer and patience to come to that place of harmony between the mind and the soul. And thus I encourage you to pray for this gift and when this gift is upon you, which at times it is a conscious factor in your awareness, recognize it, recognize that place. Understand and revere that place of soul consciousness. And where does this recognition come, this awareness come, it comes from your material mind. For as you are in this material world, these factors and aspects of your being must come into play.

You must adjust and work towards an alignment between mind and soul, creating a new consciousness, a new way of being in the world, a way that is predominantly influenced by Love, the Divine Love, the Light within your soul and the touch of God within your life. When you come to rely upon these aspects of your life experience, this commitment to God, this awakening of your soul, then greater harmony will ensue within your life. You will be able to walk the world with wisdom, with perception, with knowing, knowing beyond those things that your material mind may recognize and acknowledge using the soul perceptions as your understanding deepens. You see beyond the veil of the mind to the condition of the soul, the condition of the true self, revealing itself in the world, expressed by all those around you. Thus your perception of all your brothers and sisters, of the energies and conditions of this world, the many layers and aspects of this life are revealed. And thus reality changes, your perceptions of reality have changed by the awakening of your soul.

You will readily acknowledge these awakenings, these differences of perception. They will become more real to you than the reality that most of you are experiencing at this time. And you pray to be a channel of Love in the world, for God to use you to bring change, to teach the Truth, to bring Love. These faculties within you, faculties of your soul, must come into play. For these are gifts, these are abilities that God will use not only to inform you upon your daily path, but to guide you and show you the Truth, and equip you to be in the world as an example of Love, to have perceptions that are true but often unseen by many. These are gifts that are coming, but for them to come, you must allow the soul its dominance in your consciousness and this requires, as I’ve said, practice and application, prayer and patience. But it comes with the power of God’s Love within your souls. It comes with the transformation of your souls, the awakening of your souls so that you will see differently, perceive differently, think differently. Come to know God’s Reality. In its rudimentary form, it is the feelings, the feelings that come up from the soul. As you progress in the soul’s awakening, of attuning yourself to the faculties of the soul, other things come. You will be able to see others for who they are. You will see life from different perspectives, dimensions if you will. You will see yourself in your relationship with God, with your relationship with your own life. You will be able to share your perceptions, your perceptions of Truth, your perceptions of the reality of this world that are not just that which is seen by the five senses, known by the five senses, but from other sensibilities that are inherent within the soul.

The soul has many abilities and capacities to understand the world, the world of God’s Creation, the inner world and the outer world, the physical world and the spiritual world. These things may be readily perceived by the soul, but first you must attune yourself to these things, these perceptions and abilities that are awakening within you. Continue to pray my beloveds, continue to walk in God’s world, to pray to God, to reach up and up to God, to seek His Blessings, to seek the inflow of His Love that continues to awaken your soul so that you will have the capacity and ability, the strength and the desire, the awareness that will open these doors of perception and understanding. It will open the doors so that you may act as God’s Instrument in the world, a channel of His Love, that God may guide you to serve others in Love so that you may see more clearly your own purpose and abilities in this regard. And so as you mature in this awakening of the soul, it is time to acknowledge this, to seek to live in this reality, the reality dominated by the soul, yet being inclusive of the mind, the material mind.

We will assist you in this journey of discovery. It is like the birthing of a child, seeing it grow and expand in its awareness and abilities, to come upon a new birth within yourself, a new being whose abilities continue to grow, who is emerging from the slumber that all mankind seems to be within to a place of awaken-ness and knowing. This is your destiny my beloved souls, this is where you long to go within your true self, to be fully alive and awake and in harmony with God. May you do so, my beloved friends, with each breath you take. Each day in your life you may come closer to this place. We will do so together. You are not alone in this. You are with God and God sends His angels to accompany you, to assure you, to guide you, to help you upon this journey. God’s beautiful plan, this gift of life, this gift of the emerging of the soul in His Love is such a wondrous journey, and we in spirit are privileged to witness this with each soul that comes to the awareness of the Love of God and the power of His Love to transform each and every soul who so desires this gift.

May you be bountifully blessed my beloved friends. Your teacher Augustine loves you dearly, continues to witness the unfolding of your soul, not only to yourselves but to this world. My prayers and blessings are with you my friends. My love is always with you. God Bless you. God Bless you beloved souls.