For many years our Celestial friends have been telling us to avoid judgment. Indeed we have received many messages on the subject but still I do see that individuals within our group are not clear about this issue, nor how serious it is. In the coming Earth Changes, those that have accepted all others without judgment are going to be able to advance to the Fourth Dimension, and start the real process of lifting the whole earth out of 3D into 5D. So we all have to be non-judgmental at all times, and that means we are loving without exception.

So what is a simple definition: “Passing or holding a negative opinion about another person, in other words considering that they do not meet some standard we consider important.”

Judgment is always related to a person or group of persons. It’s not about stating your truth that for example reincarnation is false, as an example. It is about saying that Freddy is in error because of something about his beliefs, behaviours, lifestyle, colour, race or politics you don’t agree with. Or all those who do not pray for Divine Love the same way we do are in error. Yes that’s judgment. Its even inappropriate to withhold your love from atheists. Sure they hold totally different views. That is free will, and God loves them nonetheless. So must we.

In fact even if you don’t actually voice this opinion, but merely think it, you have judged, and the damage is to your own soul, even though you may think not another soul knows about your thoughts.

So what if your opinion is true? Bear in mind here this is an opinion about a person, not a “fact” or such. Well it’s only true in your own opinion, but let’s assume it is actually true. It makes no difference, you are in judgment. Because you are seeing them as lacking, as less than optimal. It’s just not pure love. These judgments occur frequently towards people like gay folks, who certainly are gay, but its who they are that offends some people and it is judgment that is doing the harm. Its extended to the political area and of course its rife in religious and spiritual circles. And objections to racial differences fall squarely into judgment.

I will include an extract from a recent message by Orion addressing this issue of HOW you may use Truth, and how to avoid it being judgment. Because in the wrong context it can be judgment to point out that another does not hold true something you accept as Truth, and is therefor “not smart”, “not good” etc:

I am Orion. You have a great need to develop discernment. To truly know the truth as you encounter many upon your world. For there are many who carry fragments of truth, conditions of love and are of light. Yet indeed, it is for each of you to travel the world connecting with these many individuals and to help weave together this beautiful tapestry of light which is the fabric that will help lighten the world. As you go, it is important that you see clearly between that which is a distortion of truth and that which is a truth. For if you carry the truth with you, then you have a great power within you to help shape the new world that is coming.

Yet, if you casually encounter many but cannot truly see between these two elements of their beliefs and what they present to the world, then the power of your capacity to help stitch together this beautiful fabric is lost. With discernment you can help direct the individual’s thoughts and ideas toward greater truth, a refinement of truth so that they will feel that they are contributing but also that they are learning. When you say nothing and avoid what you might consider a confrontation with the other, then an opportunity slips by that may have become very fruitful indeed. For when you speak truth clearly and sincerely, without correcting another, without blaming another for the inaccuracies of their perception but doing so in love and acknowledgement and appreciation for that individual, then you help to raise up that individual a little more as they continue upon their journey of light.

If you are expressing a negative opinion about another person or group who is not present, then its nothing but gossip, a very close friend of judgement.

And what if no one was offended? It makes no difference. Whether a person is offended or not offended by what you say is simply a reflection of their spiritual level.

The point is you cannot love unconditionally and judge at the same time.

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