Messages 2018

Release Judgment and Embrace Love

June 26th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


Every day presents its challenges, does it not, my beloveds? Each and every day God encourages you to step further up the ladder of Light, to be more pure in your thoughts, more loving in your actions, more aligned with God in all ways. You have had a discussion regarding your behaviours, your judgments, your desires, your perceptions of others and yourself. These awarenesses help you to realize the choices that you must make in order to indeed progress in Light. You cannot walk this path of Love without understanding the steps that you must take in order to love more fully not only yourselves, but others.

When you pray to be a channel of Love in the world, the love expressed is dependent upon not only the condition of your soul but the state of your mental reckonings. Often the soul desires to love and not to judge and yet the mind may contradict the soul with a need to express negative feelings of anger, resentment, as your judgments cloud your perception of the world. Beyond these feelings often lies a very deep feeling of being unloved and unrecognized in the world. These deep hurts within come from times in your life when you have felt rejected and unloved. As the soul is cleansed by the Divine Love, so you must allow your mind to release these conditions that are not of love. The mind and the soul must progress in tandem and God will indeed heal you of these conditions, these hurts within the soul. But because of the well-worn patterns of the mind, these conditions continue to be active within the thought patterns of the material mind. And so, as we have asked you many times and explained many times, you must chose to break this chain of thought, these old worn patterns of responses to the conditions of this world. In this way you will progress quickly, allowing the Light of your soul greater expression in your life, allowing the Truths that you know of to be activated within your life and your experiences of life.

God wishes for you to reach out to many souls. As you progress in your soul and your soul’s perceptions, it is inevitable that you will perceive the conditions of another. You will see both the light and the dark within that individual. When you are free of your own conditions of judgment and pain, it is much easier to love and embrace the other individual. The strength of love, acceptance and compassion, makes you a clear channel in the world. This cannot be expressed without true authentic feelings and love. To do so is not only a violation of yourself but of another, to put upon you a smiling face and yet within there is anger and resentment. This is error. This is the way of the world and this is why the world is so dark. Because upon the surface are intended expressions of joy and love, kindness, caring, and to some degree these are authentic, but often the individual carries within them a deep darkness, a loneliness, a sense of not being loved or seen. And this pattern of behaviour is expressed over and over again, hiding and layering over the true condition of the soul.

You, my beloveds, have chosen to heal the soul, your own soul and to express love in true and authentic ways and to be a channel of Love in the world. Yet the duality of the mind and the soul continue to create inner tension and friction in some conditions and challenging situations. Your great test is to harmonize the mind and the soul in love. To release those old patterns. To let go of these well nurtured emotions of negativity. To believe, to truly embrace love. You will know when you have done this, my beloveds. For when you gaze upon one who you well know but are confronted with these feelings over and over again, but at that moment rather than the old patterns expressing themselves in your consciousness, there is love, compassion, and forgiveness, then you have passed the test. You have overcome a barrier to love and you have become stronger in Light. Each day presents in some way this test as God places before you the opportunity to chose love always. At times you are successful and at other times you do not or are unable to feel these feelings of love, to be detached from those well-worn conditions of judgment. And so each day is a gift, each day a test, each day an opportunity to change, to choose, to grow in love.

You are all strong in the Light. Your souls express a beautiful Light. May you, my beloveds, come to align your mindful condition with this Light, with the Light of your soul and in so doing come closer to God. Come closer to Love and be in greater Light. You cannot claim to move in the world as a channel of Love, without this healing and alignment. Or is it not God that provides a Light and Love? Is it not for you to reflect this gift through you in clear and beautiful ways? Stop judging, my beloveds. Stop judging yourselves. Stop condemning yourselves and condemning others for their conditions are not of Light. Instead be an example. Allow the blessings of God to heal all that is within you that is not in harmony with love. This is God’s intention and it is your birthright to be healed of all conditions that are dark and not in harmony with love.

Ask and you shall receive, my beloveds. Ask for the strength and for help to firstly be aware of those patterns within you and rather than judge yourself and condemn yourself, seek to have compassion and to release these things within. To have the discipline and strength to not allow the mind to dominate with these patterns. Instead, to have the soul, the strength of the soul, emasculate the power of the mind in this regard. To take away the winds from these sails and thereby be free of such conditions that are so common in this human world of yours.

Each day, beloveds, is a gift, a test, and an opportunity to fulfill this request from God to carry the Light and be the Light. You are strong enough, my beloveds, within your souls. Each of your souls carries this Truth and love. You know within yourself what holds you back from truly expressing love in your lives and to yourselves. This dichotomy of mind and soul will continue to play out its drama as long as you chose to allow the mind its dominance in this regard. It is your choice. But I will reiterate, that you are strong enough to overcome these conditions provided you rely upon the strength of your souls, the assistance that is freely given by we who love you and are with you, and by the power of God’s Blessing upon you.

You have access to the greatest power in the universe for Light and change. Utilize what is given to you and what can be freely given to you in order to overcome these conditions, these vestiges of the human condition that still reside within each one of you to some degree. Seek God’s Love and all things shall come. Indeed, in time, you will be completely healed. But now is the best time, the greatest opportunity to seek this healing. Every day is an opportunity to step one more rung above on this ladder. May you do so, my beloveds, my beautiful friends. Seek to love, seek to forgive, seek to have compassion. All great gifts, all wondrous opportunities to serve in love, all understandings and knowings of the soul will come. Most importantly, greater inflowings of God’s Love will pour into you as you remove one barrier after another with prayer and faith, strength, and discipline. God bless you beloveds, I am Matthew, and I love you. God bless you.