Direct Voice Mediumship

One of the most challenging but fascinating aspect of our ventures in mediumship has been an invitation by our guides to sit in circle for the development of what we call Direct voice or D.V. We began in the fall of 2017 and continue to pursue it to this day. For a more detailed explantion of what Direct Voice is, why we are so excited by it, and how it came about, this piece was written by Geoff for the Introduction of Volume 2 of the Direct Voice messages.

Background to the D.V. Project

I first met Al Fike in 2012. I can’t recall when I first heard about the activities of one of his mentors – Alec Gaunt. However I did hear that Alec was extremely keen to develop “Direct Voice” mediumship, and that such a project was unsuccessful in the late 1960’s and was one of the many activities that he undertook and probably led to his premature death. He had devoted an enormous amount of energy to that project, as well as others and he was literally burning the candle at both ends. Anyway, sadly with his death, that project came to a sudden end. Seretta Kem commented on May 18th 2018 as follows:

Our beloved friend Alec was very eager to have this gift come forth. He indeed was dedicated and expended much energy towards these efforts and came close to the realization of this desire to bring direct voice to the world. But there was one flaw; his physical was not strong enough to withstand the intensity of this development regime. As he continued to focus on other projects as well, putting upon him great expectations and pressures, which led for his heart to fail.

As someone who has studied not only the theory of mediumship of all kinds, but has also studied the output of many mediums, I accept that mediumship is more art than science.

Whether a particular channeled message is highly accurate, accurate, or poor will vary by medium, and by day. It’s impossible and indeed not smart to categorize a style of mediumship as being inherently better than another style, and it’s also very silly to categorize all the work of a medium into one bucket. We are all aware that mediumship requires the communication to go through the brain of the medium. And therein lies one of the limitations. If a medium has a brain that has not been trained in a subject, say medicine, or psychology, that medium will not have the ability to communicate complex messages on those subjects even though the spirit may be an expert. What is worse however is that if the medium has a strong opinion, that opinion may seriously distort what is received, even to the extent of aligning it with the medium’s point of view, as opposed to what the spirit is trying to communicate. So I could see some benefit in attempting to obtain a “clear channel” using a process whereby the spirit creates a materialized voice box and speaks without using the brain of the medium. But this was not to my point of view something that would change the world. And my indifference to this project continued for some time.

However at some stage I was shared additional material. Direct Voice was not just about getting a pure channel. It was about materializing spirit in the daylight, such that observers could see and listen directly to the spirit. This was an astounding bit of information, and I immediately could see this could change the world – literally. I was aware that spirits have been materialized for a great many years by material mediums. But this happens in almost complete darkness, using ectoplasm, and light cannot be allowed to intrude, or the medium will be severely injured, and could be killed. The other point is that these dark séances are not conducive to getting people to believe that things are as they appear. They are still extremely suspicious, and the dark room does not help to remove that suspicion.

Sometime early in 2017 this additional information came my way, and as I say I then became very supportive of this curiously named D.V. project. I find it hard to believe that I was the last man on board, but it should be admitted that things moved very fast once I was committed. Al now started to receive the communications that are listed on these pages.

Eventually a group of seven was ‟selected” because spirit were involved in this process. Apparently it needed a very specific mix of persons, as well as only people who would be very harmonious. That said, we had to work hard on the harmony!

Our first retreat as a group was from Monday 23rd October till Sunday December 17th 2017 – two months largely in isolation, and we were praying close to three hours a day! Eventually this group of seven was given the name “The Water Carriers” by Mary the mother of Jesus. That’s a pretty awesome name considering Jesus was the first water carrier! Our second “refresher” isolation retreat was a week in Hawaii in March 2018.

Geoff Cutler.

So, a circle of seven sitters were called to sit in circle for this purpose. Each person joined with the understanding that it would take a great deal of commitment and effort to accomplish materialization of Celestial spirits in daylight. Although daylight materializations of high spirits have been known to occur, they are very rare indeed. The transfiguration on the mount with Jesus being flanked by Elijah and Moses in spirit being the most famous incident. Consistent and numerous materializations are unheard of with the exception of those spirits who inhabit much lower spheres. We have met periodically in one location several times for two weeks to two months of intensive sessions, both in a darkened room and outside of it.

Our spirit leader and guide on this project is an ancient Egyptian named Seretta Kem. He is a powerful healer and spirit chemist who has been involved with our Divine Love circles in Western Canada for decades. He has a keen interest in developing mediums for the purpose of trans communication with Celestials and also in other forms of communication such as Direct voice. He is a key player in this development work and has shared through a medium a great deal of information on the subject as has many others. These messages have filled five volumes of guidance and commentary about our mutual progress and development in Direct Voice. For those interested in material communication from spirits, this section offers some invaluable insights into the process. Rather than focusing exclusively on mental/material mediumship which is the standard approach, the Celestials have also explained the importance of Divine love within the souls of those involved suggesting that with an adequate amount of this Divine energy, we can be successful in producing the results intended. Indeed as explained in this message, this particular style of manifestation is not ectoplasmic in nature. And while the manifestations will be perceivable by the normal senses of mankind, it is not truly material. However Jesus, as and when he materialises, has his own unique gifts that may alter the results he achieves.

These are the messages received as a part of the Direct Voice project. The messages we received have been published in four volumes as of 2020. Another volume exists of messages received much earlier (1958 to 1970) by Alec Gaunt’s group in Vancouver. The earlier messages were published as “Volume One” of this, currently, five volume set. Those older messages are not available on this web site at the moment except in a pdf.

Volume One of D.V. Messages

Mostly 1969 and 1970

This volume will not be available here as individual messages for some considereable time. So we offer a pdf download of the publication.


Volume Two of D.V. Messages

Up to Retreat One

April 20 to October 21, 2017

These messages can be found on this page.

A pdf of these messages in Volume Two is available


Volume Three of D.V. Messages

Retreat One

October 22 to December 18, 2017

These messages can be found on this page.


Volume Four of D.V. Messages

From Retreat One to Retreat Two

December 18, 2017 to September 30, 2018

These messages can be found on this page.


Volume Five of D.V. Messages

Retreat Two

October 1st, 2018 to October 27th, 2018

These messages can be found on this page.


Volume Six of D.V. Messages

unpublished current messages

October 28th, 2018 onwards

(This volume has now been started)

These messages can be found on this page.