Divine Love Mediumship

Mediumship can be broadly defined as the ability to communicate in some way with spirits. Some souls are extremely gifted in this art while most of us have had little success in this regard. Yet we are constantly surrounded by spirits and are invariably influenced by them through thought transfer and energies broadcast into the psychic atmosphere of our earth plane.

The Law of Attraction determines what spirits are within your orbit and thus what influences you are susceptible to, however subtle they are. No matter how unaware one is regarding this influence, it is always present and acting upon you.

So it can be very beneficial to understand the dynamics of spirit attraction and influence. The messages in this section teach us about these dynamics and about the challenge of attracting high spirit influence rather than the low vibrational influences which are all too prevalent on the earth plane. Consistently attracting Celestial spirits to you requires a dedication to prayer for Divine Love. Without this activating energy flowing into your soul, Celestials have a difficult time maintaining a ‘rapport’ or connection with the human. Without such connection, Divine Love mediumship is not feasible.

The presence of God’s Divine Love will bring to you many rewards, one of which is opening gifts of communication with spirits. It is far easier to communicate with less spiritually advanced spirits than it is with the Angels. Divine Love is the transformative energy that activates all manner of gifts inherent in the soul. It turns the lights on in the machinery of the soul and brings forward perceptions and sensitivities not easily accessible to humanity. The Angels are eager to make contact with us and through the mechanisms described in this section, it is clear that many avenues of communication can be opened to anyone willing to commit to the Divine Path.

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