Messages 2017

Soul Growth And Mediumship

November 9th, 2017

Gibsons, B. C. Canada

Received by Al Fike.


I wish to thank you beloved souls for your compliment about of what I speak through this instrument. But I wish to also say that the message comes through a medium in concert and collaboration between myself and this particular medium or any medium. And if the medium does not have a poetic streak to his thinking, his mind, it is difficult to bring forth words that are poetic in nature. So it is with mediumship every message is a reflection of the conditions and the make up of the mind of the medium, and the mind and soul of those who are speaking through that medium. A particular message may be conveyed quite differently through another medium, although the intention is the same, the information is the same, but the words used are different and this is the nature of speaking in this way, of conveying a message. And in many ways, using a variety of mediums to put forth information in this way to the world can bring a more in depth picture and understanding of what must be conveyed. Remember this beloveds, that until we speak with direct voice you will never know my true voice. You will merely know the blending of the instrument’s words and of my own or any who wish to speak through him. Thus the gift of direct voice brings a further clarity to what is given. I do not say this to denigrate the gifts of this medium or any mediums who wish to serve in this way. For this is a great gift, a beautiful offering from the soul to bring this work forward, to bring the Truth forward through the angels of Heaven.

Anytime you perform a service for God and do so in Love, you bring a little more Light to this world and you certainly bring more Light to your own being. Although it may feel like drops into an ocean, there is a vast ocean of conditions, thought conditions, energetic conditions in this world. But still that drop is potent. It brings a cleansing agent to the conditions of this world. It diffuses the darkness and brings further Light. As you become an ever clearer and greater channel of the Father’s Love and blessings of this world, so these drops turn into rivulets and these rivulets turn into rivers. The power of God’s Love, the power of His blessings working through you, may have a profound affect upon the conditions of this world. Is this not our focus and plan to bring the power of God’s Love, the potency of His Blessings and Truth into this world to disperse the darkness. Each of your efforts will play a part and will have its effects in this world, as long as you are willing to be a channel for God, to allow God to work through you, to have this Light, this Love, the healing and peace flow through you beloved souls. It is God’s work, it is God’s work that you have consigned yourselves to do, to say I am ready to be His channel, to allow Him to work through me in beautiful ways in this world.

Continue upon this course building the Light within you, cleansing your souls, bringing all manner of Truth into your consciousness and strengthening your bond with your Heavenly Father. Much can be accomplished through you beloved souls, much can be accomplished and is so in this moment. Although it is beneficial for you to walk amongst mankind, to be with many different souls in this world, to be this channel of Love in this world, you may also be used as you pray, as you go about your daily routines God may use you beloved souls as His channel of Light and Love, provided you are in the condition of harmony and connection with God.

Yes there are many avenues that God may use you to fulfill His plan and purpose for this world, many possibilities, many levels of expression. Every moment of every day may be an opportunity in this regard, as long as your prayers and your desire and the condition of Love within your soul ignites the channel, opens the floodgates for God to pour His blessings through you and that He may direct them as He so wills. You do not need to know every detail, every moment of this subtle expression and instrumentality, but I assure you my beloved souls, as you sit in this circle at this very moment, as you attract the angels to you, as you open yourselves to the blessing of God’s Love, as you gather together In this harmonious way you create a tremendous Light by your efforts. God responds to the earnest souls seeking to bring Light to this world and to themselves. God always responds, for these are the laws, these are the laws. The laws of Love, the laws of creation are expressed through desire, yearning, longing and prayer for the soul.

I know in this world it is hard to understand these simple concepts in a way that they become real and viable within your consciousness, but as you continue to grow in this way and experience these conditions and have faith that what you are doing has its impact in the world, you will be able to perceive more of how God is using you as His channels of Love. Perceptions will open and understanding will come.

As these gifts continue to be developed and expressed through you, there will be many more overt opportunities to speak the Truth, to bring Love and comfort to many. You are all growing, developing, changing, shifting and coming to greater clarity, deeper wisdom, more profound Love within you. With this God may use you in many many ways in this world. The doors will be opened, the possibilities great, the expressions true and deep. The Love shall flow, shall flow and flow combining together a great river that shall cleanse this world. Bring harmony back to God’s beloved creation - you will be a part of this. What you do will contribute to the flow of this mighty river. Who you are validates the power of Love. The Love within you, the Love within you beloved souls, shall not only transform you but will contribute to the transformation of this world. It is all in the plan that God has for the salvation of mankind and you step forward and say: “I am part of your plan beloved Father for I am a child of your creation and I know my own soul and I’m coming to know your soul beloved Father. In this knowing, in this recognition in the growing and expanding of my soul, I shall be a part of a wondrous, wondrous plan to bring peace and harmony, Love and wisdom, Truth and knowledge to this world.”

It is unfolding beloved souls, you continue to walk the path that God has laid before you and much wonderment awaits as your eyes open, your souls expand, you Love grows, a whole universe awaits. Your capacity to recognize and acknowledge its existence. God joyfully awaits your reunion with Him and He nurtures you carefully, He brings all that you require. He supports you with every step. He Loves every moment that you bring Light, and you begin to understand the glory of God. God bless you beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine and I too find great joy in witnessing you’re awakening and seeing the Light grow within you. You are my beloved charges and I Love you deeply. God bless you my beloveds. I am always with you. My prayers continue to the unfolding of your true selves. God bless you. God bless you.