Al Fike’s Mediumship

Celestial messages have been available to the world for at least a century with the efforts of James Padgett, an Attorney gifted with the ability to bring these communications through via automatic writing. Four volumes have been published of his channelings by the name of The True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus and Celestials. As a young man of twenty I was introduced to these books and read them with great interest. I was so taken by what was written there that I began my own journey of growing in the Divine Love truths. Along the way I came to know a number of mediums who where channeling messages from Celestial guides. Sitting in prayer circles was a weekly event where messages from these Angels were common place. In the forty-five years that I have been on this journey of soul awakening, I have heard from a great number of Celestial Angels and have absorbed their messages of love and light which were numerous and inspiring.

The path of Divine Love has been my life and spiritual foundation since those early years. In 2011 I was called by my spirit guides to take up the task of becoming their instrument for Celestial communications. Through most of my life I was fortunate to have communication with Celestials but never considered myself a medium or channel for their use in this way. Yes, I experienced many conversations with them that were personal and only heard by me but to go public with such a gift seemed to be fraught with complications and unwanted attentions. I witnessed the numerous trials and tribulations of my friends who possessed such gifts and did not feel too inclined to follow in their footsteps. I became a somewhat reluctant medium since my belief in my ability to channel anything of value to others was very low indeed. But I was asked by those who had nurtured me for a good part of thirty-five years along this path and felt that I certainly owed them this favour although they would never put it in such terms.

The angels and I struck an agreement that If I were to be opened up as a medium, there needed to be some boundaries and rules around the process. I required their promise that only Celestial Angels would speak through me. I was not at all interested in being a mouth piece for ‘natural love’ spirits as we call them. I needed protection from dark spirit influence as I had seen other mediums battle with this issue. And I wanted only truth to come through. The Angels readily agreed and thus began a new phase of my journey in God’s Love.

Those first messages that came through at our prayer circles were simple and straight forward, always imploring us to pray for God’s Love. It seemed easy enough to bring through my Angel friends and all that they needed from me was some trust and openness to the process. I merely needed to relax and ‘step back’ from my normal state of wakefulness to a place of detachment and a sort of semi sleep known as a light trance . I was conscious the entire time but felt numb and immovable in my body. It was an odd feeling but with my guides so close bringing the love that they innately posses, it was predominantly a pleasant state of being. My mind was often alert and observant. I was not entirely at peace since I would harbor a fear that I would mess up or sound ridiculous. My ego was still well intact at this stage.

As time went on and further messages were given, the depth and complexity of these channelings evolved into what they are today. For Celestials to establish a consistent rapport with a medium, there must be sufficient commitment to Divine Love prayer and possession of it in their soul. A serious desire for the highest teachings and truth ensures that error is not taught or entertained. No medium is perfect or without their blind spots and predilections in thought. Those spirits working through them must have sufficient rapport in order to navigate the mind of the instrument. The personality and psyche of the medium will influence what comes through and therefore tainting or distorting the intended message to some degree.

No medium is perfect and I am no exception. Yet the Angels have come to use me as their messenger countless times in a great variety of situations. Whether it be at home in prayer with my wife Jeanne or in a crowd of fifty individuals attending one of our Divine Love retreats. No matter the arena, the Angels have always made great effort to speak. Depending on the level of interest and thought in the room, they will tailor the message to the ears of those present. Often the message is simple, encouraging all those present to pray earnestly for the ‘Father’s Love’. At other times they will take advantage of the higher spiritual conditions or energies in the room and bring through a higher, more thought provoking and soul stirring teaching. It is definitely a mixed bag, though these teachings are never contradictory, it is not common to receive something entirely new to our ears.

The language can be simple and somewhat conversational or it can be more sophisticated, using words that are not commonly used in conversation. Their use of language often reflects the spirit who is communicating. A common speaker is our teacher Augustine. He comes across as a plain spoken but eloquent man who has our best interest at heart but does not tolerate foolishness and is often quite serious. Another spirit named Goldie is truly opposite in personality, as she talks of fun, dancing and joy. She has been known to make fun of me in a light hearted and loving way. On one of my birthdays she remarked that I am making it easier and easier each year for God to count the hairs on my balding head. Where Augustine brings teaching and seriousness, Goldie is joyful and makes us laugh. Both have been communicating in our circles for decades and have become wonderful old friends. However few of her messages are recorded on this site as they are so short and very appropriate in the moment, rather than being of serious content.

A spirit by the name of Josephus who was a Jewish philosopher a great many years ago is a newcomer to the band of spirits who most commonly speak through me. He is always happy to answer deep spiritual questions and does so with such thoroughness and eloquence that he has become one of my favorite speakers. In my mind his association with us indicates a new level of ability as a medium. While working with him, a rapport can be sustained for over an hour and this alone is quite remarkable. Having any rapport with a Celestial spirit is to be applauded but to do so over an extended period of time speaking on complex spiritual subjects is highly unusual and is very surprising to me. It can also be quite taxing but not to the point of exhaustion rather a sense of having worked hard on something not easily accomplished. Given the right environment and inclination conducting question and answer sessions with Josephus and others such as Augustine are a highlight of my experience as a medium.

Over the past decade there have been thousands of messages received and recorded. I have been fortunate enough to have a dedicated group of people around me who have expended a great deal of time and effort to ensure that these messages have been recorded and saved. My wife Jeanne is my greatest ally and partner in this task. There have been many others too numerous to record here who have also been stalwart friends and supporters. They have engaged in transcribing word recorded messages, editing, organizing and sharing these transmissions for posterity. My dear friend Geoff Cutler and I have been working to build this Soul Truth website as a storage and research tool for those who are curious about what has been transmitted. If not for the hard work and dedications of those committed to sharing Divine Love Truths, much of what I and my colleagues have received and experienced over the years would be lost. I hope that many serious seekers of truth might benefit from this site and see fit to the share the information contained within it.

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