Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Messages have been received virtually continuously since James Padgett passed on in 1923. What we now refer to as contemporary messages from Celestials have been coming through a number of mediums since then. Since every medium will have a style and bias to their mediumistic communications which reflects their personality and mindset, these messages received are consistent in content but not necessarily in language and sentence structure. Some messages reflect very contemporary language and concepts while others seem a bit formal and stiff, making clear the biases of the medium who was used for the message. Similarly, those messages received through James Padgett reflect the formal culture and way of communication of his day. Padgett’s communications, being a Lawyer by profession, are very different from what you may read here. (None of James Padgett’s messages are available on this site. If you would like to read those they can be found on the New-Birth site.)

These messages have been received in a variety of differnt places and venues. Often the make-up of those present in what we call ‘circles of light’ determines to some degree the content of the message. There is no obvious intended time-line of teachings and instruction with the communications to these various groups, which the obvious exception of those listed as Direct Voice. Sometimes very detailed messages, rich in content and teachings, come through unbidden and in surprising circumstances. One might assume that it is the condition of the medium that determines what comes through but this is not always the case. Padgett sat with one to three others in the same place and often at the same time. In the case of these transmissions there were a great variety of individuals and venues in which messages came through. Since there have been over 2,000 communications over a 10 year period given through Al Fike, one can see a greater sophistication and depth of content as this medium progressed in his development. He has also been a part of something called Direct Voice development and has brought through a very extensive number of teachings regarding that venture. He has also been a part of Question and Answer sessions which have brought through a rich base of commentary from the Angels. Two other contemporary Divine Love mediums are also contributors to this body of work, Maureen Cardoso and Jimbeau Walsh. Both are quite new to this gift but have progressed swiftly in their development and their contributions add another valuable voice and perspective to this work.

There is a lot of content here in need of some serious focus in order to take in what is offered. Hopefully the reader will find inspiration and instruction through these messages from the Celestial Angels. This body of work has many hidden gems and inspiration which may or may not strike the reader immediately. We urge you to read slowly, absorbing the intended truth of each message and possibly reread them for greater insight. The Celestials are speaking to our souls in language and concepts that often reflect the ‘thinking’ of the soul. In the Padgett works, Jesus suggests that when one reads a truth, to allow it to sink deeply into the soul. A truth needs time to mature in our consciousness and for many there is a specific signal that the soul emits to our minds that what is being read is indeed truth. It is also important to open up our hearts and minds thereby developing a portal to the soul mind. Belief of the mind only will not bring the magic of soul resonance that can come with these messages and the more you read them, the more soul insights will come to you.

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