Earth Changes and God’s Plan For Humanity

For many years our Celestial friends have been telling us that there is a Divine Plan for the salvation of humanity. They rarely give specifics regarding this plan but have certainly suggested that we might all play our part within it. There are numerous messages indicating that now is a time of preparation and soul development. In the not too distant future, the world as we know it will change radically and in this coming time of transition we will all be needed to assist out brothers and sisters in adjusting to this new reality. They indicate that the key to understanding this plan will come with more soul awakening through Divine Love. Although there is much speculation as to how God will accomplish this great change, what is clear is that change is inevitable. Excellent reading on portents for the future of our species.

Author Title Date of Message
Alec Gaunt The world is changing July 6th, 2015
John the Beloved The winds of change blow upon this world July 25th, 2015
Jesus The world is fast approaching a time of chaos. August 17th, 2015
Augustine Divine Love is the path to Heal the World August 22nd, 2015
Seretta Kem Earth Changes and your soul condition 15th October, 2016
Augustine Know your awakened soul 8th December, 2016
Alec Gaunt As you grow within your soul, you will be able to receive the changes that are coming 21st December, 2016
Peter Earth Changes are Coming 15th January, 2017
Augustine Changes in the World February 17th, 2017
Augustine Accept God’s Calling August 1st, 2017
Paul Restore the Harmony of Creation September 10th, 2017
Keea Atta Kem Make Love Your Guiding Truth Through Earth Changes September 13th, 2017
Tahlia Walk in the Light Through Coming Upheavals October 2nd, 2017
James Earth Changes and your role October 29th, 2017
Noah Stop the Darkness November 17th, 2017
Isaiah God will bring forth new light into this world December 1st, 2017
Professor Salyards Who Will Bring the Truth To This World? January 21st, 2018
Matthew Predicting the Future is not 100% March 7th, 2018
Augustine God Needs Those Who are in the Light to Help Humanity Through the Coming Changes March 13th, 2018
Samuel Change is the Constant of the Universe March 13th, 2018
Augustine Prepared for the Changes that are Coming April 28th, 2018
Augustine Commentary on Earth Changes August 20th, 2018
Isaiah A Declaration Proclaiming the Beginning of a New Era of Light August 29th, 2018
Augustine Challenging Earth Changes Bring Greater Light and Harmony to Humanity November 29th, 2018
Augustine Nurturing This Center of Light Will Open Many doors in The Future January 4th, 2019
Andrew The Fate of this World rests upon each Soul’s Choice January 13th, 2019
Augustine How can Diverse Beliefs be Unified January 26th, 2019
Augustine The Challenges of Predicting the Coming Earth Changes (Q&A Retreat) January 28th, 2019
Tahlia That Which is Not in Harmony with God’s Creation Will Fall Away March 10th, 2019
Seretta Kem Change is Upon This World March 24th, 2019
Andrew God is Preparing Many Souls for What is Coming April 1st, 2019
Matthew A New Reality Dawns May 20th, 2019
Augustine The Children of Your Children Will Know a Different World May 22nd, 2019
Augustine Choose to Drink the Sustenance of the Life of the Soul May 27th, 2019
Aaron Be God’s Active Agent of Change July 9th, 2019
Josephus Prepare Yourself Spiritually for the Coming Changes in the World July 12th, 2019
Jesus Your Life Will Have Purpose as You Follow God’s Will and Truth July 12th, 2019
Moses Mankind will have to choose August 30th, 2019
Seretta Kem Awakening Our Souls to Face the Coming Changes on Earth September 29th, 2019
Michael Collier The Coming Changes in Earth Conditions October 11th, 2019
Augustine The World is in Great Need October 15th, 2019
Augustine There Are Great Changes Coming to Earth November 9th, 2019
Luke The Energetic Conditions of Earth Affects You All November 17th, 2019
Matthew There Will be a New Dawn of Love November 22nd, 2019
Michael Collier The Needs of the World Require your Service and Commitment December 7th, 2019
Jesus The Fate of the World Rests on Those Willing to Carry the Truth December 17th, 2019
Nicodemus Come together as a community December 18th, 2019
Augustine In the End there Will be Peace and Harmony December 20th, 2019
Josephus Why Does God Allow the Suffering of the Innocent? January 1st, 2020
Josephus What is God’s Plan for the Salvation of Humanity? January 2nd, 2020
Augustine The World is Enshrouded in Mist and Hues of Grey January 7th, 2020
Jesus Love Must Become the Currency of Humanity January 12th, 2020
Jesus The Times of Great Change are Upon Us March 2nd, 2020
Keea Atta Kem A Serious Talk On Changing Earth Conditions. March 15th, 2020
Josephus How to deal with the changing conditions of this Earth at this time March 29th, 2020
Matthew New and Creative Ways will Open to Serve as Earth Changes Continue April 4th, 2020
Andrew The Renewal and Awakening of You and the World are Like Spring’s Renewal April 20th, 2020
Josephus Free Will and Its Impact on Earth April 27th, 2020
Andrew God Seeks to Reconcile Humanity With Him As Earth Changes Sweep The World June 1st, 2020
Augustine Warnings of More Changes to Come that will Bring Havoc June 22nd, 2020
Jesus Response and Clarification of a Vision Received by a Pastor July 1st, 2020
James Humanity Often Neglects to Build a Solid Spiritual Foundation August 25th, 2020
Adriana Replenish Yourself in Prayer to Prepare for the Coming Challenges September 6th, 2020
Augustine Angels Will be with us During Earth Changes March 10th, 2021
Jesus Question and Answer Session #4: Earth Changes March 11th, 2021
Jesus First Message in Volume II - Earth Changes April 9th, 2021
Jesus Earth Changes Continued - The Jesus Project Vol 2 Msg 2 April 13th, 2021
Seretta Kem Earth Changes and Changes We Will Notice in Ourselves June 27th, 2021
Elijah Elijah Affirms the Prophecy of These Times July 2nd, 2021
Jesus Calling All Light Bringers to Help Build a New World - Vol 2 Msg 16 August 10th, 2021
Jesus The Coming Darkness Before the Light - Vol 2 Msg 22 December 15th, 2021