Messages 2024

Orion Introduces Himself and The Intentions of Stellar Friends to Help Us Through the Transformation of the World

March 4th, 2024

Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike

I come in peace, is this not what you would expect an alien to say? Indeed, I fit that description, I do not belong to this planet. I am Orion. Yet I am truly your brother, truly part of God’s great creation of all His children, brothers and sisters all, sprinkled throughout the universe. Indeed, as your scientists have come to realise, the universe is vast and so is God’s creation, expansive, wondrous and full of variations.

If you were to see me today, you would not be horrified by my appearance, although I am somewhat elderly and I do not look as well as I did. Still I am not unpleasant to look at, just somewhat different. Yet within our souls is a great unanimity in the beautiful aspects of each of our beings that is consistent throughout the universe. For God created the universe and the soul to be the vehicle of communication, of connection, of development of the spiritual. So I am not different from you. I am truly your brother. For I too have received and I seek and I continue to grow within the great journey of what you call Divine Love.

God’s Essence continues to flow toward me and towards all His children throughout the universe. It floods the universe. It is carried by what you call the Holy Spirit, this Emanation of God that conveys this gift to all those who wish to receive it. There are many souls in the universe who have received this gift. In fact, the vast majority are aware of it. There are some planets such as yours, who remain ignorant. Although even here are those who are aware and who seek it.

My friends here have talked about my planet which is not within the Orion’s Belt or in that area. I merely call myself Orion because, if you look up to the stars at night and gaze toward the star cluster of Orion, I am in that direction, but far beyond it. Some have great concerns about Orion, about my intentions. I say to you that in God’s ordered universe, God would not allow negative forces to invade your planet or to add to the negativity that is already here. No, you humans do a very good job of creating negativity, of distorting truth. You see us, who are your brethren, as creatures that are repulsive, seeking to control, to damage, to kill, to maim to do all manner of things that are merely a reflection of your own psyche, the culture that you have created, the imaginations of men that have gone beyond anything that God could have created. Indeed humanity has the ability to create at will and does so.

We are relegated to enemies, creatures that are bizarre in behaviour and in body, aspects of ourselves that control with our minds and wish to dominate humanity in this way. How pathetic is this, my friends? Indeed, our only desire is to befriend you and to uphold you, to help you along the way. You have heard of this within your own planet, how brighter spirits and angelic angels will help you to progress. This is a law in the universe wherever you go, this is a law. You must see us as part of that law and creation of God. In this way, there is no fear, there is no misunderstanding. There is only love, so that we might embrace you, that we may bring our wisdom to you. For we are further along the pathway of progression than your planet, much further.

We come bearing gifts, gifts of wisdom, gifts of understanding, understanding the laws of God’s universe and how you may utilise these laws in order to better your life and not harm this planet at the same time. A time will come when we will make ourselves known, not only to you, but to everyone because there is coming a time where there will be great turmoil and confusion. All will change in such a way that humanity will be greatly disoriented and unable to cope with such changes that are dramatic and powerful. We will come to comfort you. As will you, my dear friends who know the truth, who know God well, God the great comforter will send many emissaries and instruments to help humanity cope with this upheaval.

There is a plan afoot, one that is unique and expansive and will cover many areas of need within the human condition that will be expressed dramatically as these changes happen. Fear will be expressed, almost universally in your world, as those things that humanity grasps onto, those perceptions and ideas of reality that are so finely tuned on your planet all but disappear. You will need those who will anchor and help individuals come to a newer and greater realisation of what reality is and how the individual may integrate into the reality of God rather than the reality of man. This you have heard spoken of by your angels, by our beloved brother Jesus, by many, these changes that are about to be on your doorstep.

You come together in merriment and joy at the beautiful gifts of your own creation, humanity’s creation, the comforts and the pleasures. It is good that you partake of these things while you can, for they will not exist in the future in the way that you see them now. The way that humanity will walk in the world will be in a very different way, but in a way that is in harmony with the world and is in harmony with one another. You will be happier. Yet all of these material manifestations of human creation will not be present in your life. You will be cognizant of the gifts that you carry, the abilities you have to communicate with one another, not just person to person, but all your friends around the world. You will be able to communicate.

Indeed as we come to assist you in your adjustments we will also bring technologies that will help you to sustain a comfortable life. Not a life as complex as you have today, but a life that will meet your needs and also help you to direct your focus upon your own self, your own souls and the capacities of your soul to make a life that is in harmony with the laws of God. I know that each of you in your own way have prayed for this and longed for this. For you have seen and continue to see the great strife that is in your world. At this very moment you live in a very insulated environment that helps to ease your perception of these difficult conditions around you. Yet this is not your everyday life.

The darkness impinges upon you and you must continuously be vigilant in order that the darkness does not affect you. In the coming times of change, that darkness will dissipate quickly. But what is in the place of darkness? What will fill that vacuum is up to humanity and their free will choices. Of course there will be a faction that will want to rebuild what was lost. And there will be a faction that will want to create something different and in greater harmony. I believe you will be part of the latter rather than the former. Although a part of you will, as well as every human being who survives this tumult, have a desire to reclaim the comforts and distractions that you are so used to today.

There is an idea that all of these things are addictions, patterns within the brain and within your physiology that continue to sustain and promote these these addictive behaviours. Indeed the great adjustment for all of you when changes come, will be the confrontation of realising the extent and breadth of the addictions that you carry and these things will be eliminated and you will not have the luxury of sustaining these addictive behaviours. You know the power of prayer. You know your Heavenly Father. You know the power of God’s love. You are beginning to understand your own soul. These are the resources that you will need to adjust adequately to the changes.

We continue to encourage you to pray as often as you might, to be attuned to positive patterns of behaviour, that your existence in the world is that of light, harmony and love, that you continue to claim the truth within your consciousness and to be strong in this. These are the important matters for the time. These are the things that you must sustain within you. As you put forth these efforts, you will make this adjustment far easier for yourself in times to come. The world cannot sustain itself as it is. Many on the Earth plane know this well and understand well. Yet you are all caught up in a great wave of consciousness, of behaviour, of expression that is hard to stop. The momentum is great and the complexity is even greater. So you bring your troubles to prayer, to God. You bring your confusion and concern to God. This must be, relying upon God, the great Source of all wisdom, life and love to help you adjust to the world that will be of God, rather than that of man.

You continue to struggle within your consciousness to find the equilibrium to be in harmony, to know the power of love acting within each one of you, the great Essence of God shining forth in your soul so that you may be changed and indeed, the changes are happening. They are often covered over because the moment you finish prayer, you begin once again to sustain and to nurture the human condition. It is ameliorated by the beautiful blessings that are given to you by God, but your mind continues to insist and to reinforce the human condition. Thus you go back and forth. You drink of these beautiful Living Waters that God offers you and then you turn your back and seek the pleasures of the distractions of the material world. This makes you human and we do not judge you for this, but we encourage you to continue to sustain the light and all that that light entails both within and around you.

It takes great introspection to discern between that which is of light and that which is not. It is obvious when you are in prayer you are enshrouded in light, the angels that come, the light beings that come, the love that comes, the blessings that come, all these things are readily obvious to each one of you. The great challenge is in your daily life, your behaviours and patterns of behaviour that continue to contradict the truth.

You bring, in many ways, a sort of light with you and indeed that light helps to insulate you from the darkness, especially the intensity of darkness that is so common here. This is a great gift from God and from your angel friends who constantly surround you and sustain you.

You are given a free pass, so to speak. Your behaviours are not that much different from your brothers and sisters who are ignorant of these things and yet, you are sustained and enveloped in light. For you are the hope for humanity, you and those few that are upon the earthly plane and when I say few, I say less than two thousand (2000), who are on the earthly plane that live in the light of truth, not necessarily the truth that you carry but at least they are in harmony with basic truth that brings light.

There are many thousands who aspire towards these things but do not have the strength nor the understanding to sustain this. So they flicker on and off, light and dark, but they are continuing to grow. In the times of change that are coming, they will find their way. This will be assured because within their hearts and souls, there is a great longing for this. Unfortunately within their minds there is a great domination of error and they are lost in many regards. Yet that longing within continues to flicker and influence their consciousness so that they are at times in light and at times, they are with God.

Yes there is great hope for your world. There are many upon your world who can be turned towards light and there is a great faction in your world that is very dark indeed. These individuals will not survive the change. They cannot. For how can they live in a world that is so different and has been so changed by the great intervention of God upon it?

God’s intervention is designed to save your world and to save you all. But God will not interfere with your free will. What you may do with the opportunities that will be set before you is up to you. You may seek for the highest blessing and the highest truths and the highest interventions and assistance or you may not. But, as those who have the possibility of being transformed and saved, if you will seek this with earnestness. They will be blessed mightily. If they do not serve the light, then they will flicker out and God will give them the opportunity to strive towards light elsewhere within the world of spirit, not within this material plane.

So I’ve spoken about the possibilities that will exist in the near future. I say this in order to educate you and to encourage you towards greater light. For you must make your choices everyday, every moment, every breath is a choice. Having full consciousness of your choices and their effects in your world is a way of possessing great power, knowledge and wisdom. Your souls are resplendent in wisdom, in perception, in the capacity to understand what is in harmony and what is not.

Yet how often do you listen to your own souls? How often are you attuned to your own souls? How often do you feel that you are in harmony with even the mundane things in life? This is your challenge, my beloved friends, a great challenge indeed and this is why God continues to sustain you and help you in this. If you did not have the protection and the light around you, it would be very, very difficult indeed, to choose the light. You would be overwhelmed by the dark influences, the energies, the conditions of humanity and of the dark spirits that continue to try to turn you from light.

Oh yes, it is a complicated world, I know. This one made complicated by aeons of time, countless choices made by humanity. Yet here we are my friends. Here we are sitting in the light. Here we are in harmony and love. Here we are beseeching God to bless our souls. As I’ve been speaking, God has been doing so and will continue to do so for eternity if this is your choice. May you continue to be blessed, beloved and beautiful souls of God as children seeking for the Divine, seeking to be transformed, seeking great love. It gives us great hope when we see children such as yourself who yearn and long for the great blessings of God, the Source of all love in the universe. You seek for the highest blessing of all. You seek for that which brings all solutions, all harmony, all truth.

So we sustain you and acknowledge you and walk with you so that you may realise these longings and find the fulfilment that your souls long for, at-onement with the Creator of all. May you be blessed. May the at-onement come. May the understandings be clear. May the capacity to love be great. May all that you are and can be that is a reflection of God’s creation continue to grow and awaken and emerge and be that light, that beautiful light that God intends for you to be.

Beautiful souls of the Earth, sparkle, glow and expand in great light and you will uphold all that is good in the world. Beloved friends, we honour you and we love you. I am Orion and we are here to help and shall do so as you are in need. We shall answer those needs in harmony with the great Laws of God’s Love and creation. Blessings to you, beloved souls. Blessings to all on your world