Jesus' messages to the World

Jesus’ messages to the World - Volume III

In June 2022 Jesus announced that he would use Al Fike to deliver a third volume of teachings. These are to be focussed on the coming Earth Changes, and the acceleration of the challenges we will face.

There can be a delay after receiving these messages before they appear in print. But we now have a podcast page that has the messages very soon after the audio file is distributed.  

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus Chapter 1: Jesus Announces New Series of Lessons on Earth Changes and Their Impact on Us June 21st, 2022
Jesus Chapter 2: Discusses Massive Failure of Electrical Resources Coming to Earth June 23rd, 2022
Jesus Chapter 3: Do Not Allow Fear to Overtake Your Faith June 24th, 2022
Jesus Chapter 4: Love Will Find a Way into the Consciousness of Humanity June 27th, 2022