Messages 2023

Prepare for Changes that are Now Upon Us

October 14th, 2023

Laurelville Retreat, Pennsylvania, USA

Received by Al Fike

I wonder whether you can feel the changes of your heart, soul and mind? Are you able to see that things will unfold in accordance to God’s Laws, that you will be a part of all that is meant to be at this time? I am Jesus and I come to you to speak of times to come, to inform you of changes that will be necessary and powerful in your life.

The world is on the precipice of great change. I know we have said this many times in many different ways. But now it comes. You are within a hair’s breath of what may be in your life. Thus, we have gathered you together in this way so that you may have the comfort and the knowings of each other upon this path Divine.

The world changes in many ways. The most obvious at this time will be the melting of the ice, not only upon your North Pole, but the South Pole. Glaciers are already decomposing. So in this, the sea levels will rise quite exponentially. You will see this in your own lifetime. This will change the nature of your economies and societies. For much is dependent upon having access to water that is consistent and will provide a way and means of bringing goods to many different parts of the world.

Things will change rapidly, my beloved friends. This will not happen within a decade. It will happen within a few years. So this one great change will have its domino effect upon the economies of the world and all that you do together as humanity continues to be a part of trade and commerce. Then there will be a great surge of energy coming from the sun. It will cause your electronics and ways of communicating to be disrupted. This too, will create difficult times. Yet commerce and the possibility of the interchange of communication will continue, but not in a way that you might imagine. Nor will it be swift and efficient as it is now.

Humanity is very resourceful. Humanity will figure a way to open the channels of communication and commerce. But what is of now, the power of all these interchanges, will no longer be a part of your living world. And you, my beloved friends, you will be guided. You will find ways and means of communication and not to be part of the deluge that is coming, provided you are willing to listen and acknowledge the guidance that comes. If you ignore such guidance, if you shrug your shoulders in a sense of disbelief, then you will be caught up in the turmoil that is to come.

We gather you together in these Circles of Light in order to prepare you for this time. Indeed, the time comes close. You each will be guided. You will come to know what you must do to be in harmony with God’s Will and plan, to be God’s instruments in the world. Not in the way that you perceive and project, but in the way that God has planned, and will open the door accordingly. You cannot truly imagine the chaos that is coming. But you can, indeed, come to God where God will bring to you peace and harmony.

This is a great challenge to you, beloved souls. Indeed, a great challenge. For how can you surmount these obstacles, these difficulties? How can you let go of your connection and addictions to the material world in such a way that you are God’s instruments primarily, and that you may know how you might survive? What may come to each one of you and your families and loved ones? You come together in this way to seek guidance, to seek peace, to seek the blessings of God. Indeed, these blessings come abundantly.

I say to you, my beloved friends, there is nothing that shall hold you from the Will of God, provided you exercise your faith, that you are within the prayerful communion of God. In this way, you will know the steps you must take. You will understand as things unfold what is coming. You will see for yourselves the great blessings that God has for each of you and for those you love. It will come in ways very much unexpected, in ways that open doors that you cannot possibly imagine at this time.

We are urging you to be prayerful, to awaken to the truth of God’s Love. For in this way, you will find your way through the tumult. You will be in harmony with God’s Will and plan for you. You will find ways and means to survive and to be effective channels and instruments of God’s Will. This will not come by mere prayer alone. You must come to God with a desire to be transformed in His Love. In this way, you will know the wonderment of His Touch upon you and you will release all conditions and doubts that hold you from this understanding.

Much is being given to you now, my beloved and beautiful brothers and sisters. Much is flowing toward you. Much will be given as you continue to be together in love, as you continue to open yourselves to the great blessings of God’s Love. Though these things that I say are important, they are not nearly as important as developing your soul in God’s Love, to be free from the conditions, those aspects of your being that are of the human condition, so that you may truly be in harmony with God. That all that you are will be part of God’s intention and plan for you.

There is much coming and you, my beloveds, will come to know the unfolding of the Divine plan in your life. Yet, you must release those conditions that are not in harmony with this. You must be in the flow and light that is God’s plan so that when the time comes, you will find it easy to be in harmony with God’s Will. His plan will not be difficult to follow. Rather you will be enwrapped by love and the angels and all that which is good. You will find your way upon a world that is in chaos. Yet within you is a steadiness, a strength, an understanding, that will guide you forward and bring you to that place where God intends for you to be in a world that is so dangerous, that has so much that is not in harmony with His plan.

My beloved brothers and sisters, we have spent much time with you. For some it is over many years. For others, it just begins. Yet each of you are capable of knowing God’s Will. Each of you are blessed in God’s Love. So, in this, all that is required is embedded within your soul. You will come to know it and feel it and see it in the ways that are in harmony with your gifts. Listen to God. Seek out God. Seek to be in harmony with your Creator. In this way, all that is of harmony, all that is of God’s plan will unfold in accordance to His desires and intentions for each of you.

None of you are singled out. Rather all of you are a part of God’s plan. So you must come to know it, to have faith in God and to be within the flow, the mighty flow of His Will so that all may unfold accordingly. That you will survive these terrible conditions and you will do so with a measure of joy, a measure of understanding. In this, you will teach and uphold your brothers and sisters, those whom God will guide toward you. All that is in harmony with God’s plan will become evident, will truly be a part of your life and who you are.

My beloved brothers and sisters, know that all continues to unfold in accordance to God’s great plan. The coming together in this way is part of God’s great plan and that as you come together and discuss what I have said, do not overcomplicate my words. Listen and know, from the depths of your heart, what I say is true. In this way, all that is in the light and love of God will unfold readily and powerfully.

I am your brother and friend, Jesus. I come to you with a serious message, but one that is important, one that you must know. I wish to assure you, when the time comes when you are in need of guidance, it will come through the angels. It will unfold in accordance to God’s plan. You are blessed, beloved souls, truly. May His Love continue to pour within you and be a part of your journey to at-onement.

My love is with you all. I am with you all, as are many angels. So, it will be. As I say and reveal to you, it will be. For there is nothing obscure about my message. It is clear as day. I wish for you to read it, to absorb it, to read it again and consider it, because this message is crucial for your continued progress upon the earthly plane. As you continue to seek God’s Love, as you continue to be open to His Touch, so the meanings of these messages will expand and you will see clearly and powerfully what you must do as God’s instruments in the world.

May God bless you, beloved souls. May you be truly a part of His plan, truly a part of all that is of light and love and truth. God bless you. I am Jesus and I love you. Beloved souls, I love you.