Messages 2023

Time to Prepare for the Coming Changes in the World

August 29th, 2023

Sechelt, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

Blessings to you, my students. I’m your teacher, Augustine. It is time to redouble your efforts in prayer, beautiful seekers of truth. For it is time to gird yourselves in light preparing for changes that are coming swiftly and decisively upon this world. I do not say this to engender fear within you but merely to encourage you to continue to be in harmony with the desires of your soul to consciously pray with the fervency of your soul so that you may be closer to God and receive the great Essence of His Love. How else can you prepare for such a momentous occasion and event that is to come?

For God wishes for each of you to be deeply blessed, for your souls to be awake and in alignment with His great Soul. In this way, all that comes in the near future will not distract you from your chosen path, that path that leads you to at-onement with God. This will be your mainstay, your road. It will be that which holds you in place so that you may not venture beyond the light into dark places and conditions. But it requires your efforts and your dedication. These things come abundantly and willingly to those who are in need but have great faith as well. They do not come to those who have within their minds expectations and desires that reflect mindful attitudes and expectations. Rather it comes from the yearning of the soul deep within you, my beloved friends. With these yearnings expressed to God, such prayers are answered and answered in a way that brings the utmost harmony and blessings to each of you.

Have faith in this. Have trust in this, beloved students. For the world has many distractions, it can carry you to many places that may gratify the mind but are not particularly empowering of the soul. Yet today, in this world of yours, it is the soul that needs to be awakened in order to strike the balance of awareness, action and expression of all of you upon this Earth. This great imbalance that is caused by a mind overactive and powerfully engaged cannot continue to create and define the parameters of the human journey. For in many respects this journey is fraught with great pitfalls and conditions that bring about a great deal of suffering and brings about much darkness in the world.

It is for you, beloved souls, students of the truth, to bring light, not only to yourselves but to all those around you if you are willing to truly discover what light is, if you are willing to truly discover what love is and all that is of good, all that is in harmony with God’s laws of love. In this way you become a powerful antidote to the rising dark conditions of your world, to the confusion and ignorance and all that which is the human creation that continues to burden your world with thoughts, energies, conditions that do not bring the harmony of God’s creation forth. Rather, it is the antithesis of what is in harmony with God.

Humanity must come to its senses, must come to realize that there is a way out of the many dilemmas that have been created over millennia of choices that are not in harmony with God. You are the forerunners, beloved souls. You are the ones who have come to realise within your deep understanding, your soulful awareness that you must act to bring greater light and harmony in the world. That you must find the solutions for your own personal journey and in doing so, you may be an instrument, a channel of light for many others.

My beloved and beautiful souls, seeking to be in alignment with God, continue to be steadfast in your prayers, in your efforts. Continue to ask for guidance and inspiration. Ask for your angel friends to be close. Ask for God to awaken you with His Love. In this way, much will come on the heels of prayer. As you humble yourself before God, so God empowers you in a different way, in a way that is of the soul, in a way that is in harmony with your true creation and purpose. Be with God. Be in the light. Know that you are truly loved and that no matter what you have done in the past, you are forgiven. For forgiveness comes with the great benediction of God’s Love within your soul. It works to release you from all conditions that are not in harmony with love. Each of you carry burdens of pain. Each of you has guilt and remorse to some degree. And I tell you, beloved students, you will find relief. You will find healing. You will find the truth and you will be redeemed in love which is what you long for, what God intends to give to you. That way beyond those places in which you are embedded in darkness and pain, that way beyond those conditions which have been imposed upon you, that way beyond the ignorance that all souls carry to some degree. For God’s Love and truth will set you free, beloved souls, will bless you mightily and bring the transformation of your soul, so that all that is of darkness, will evaporate in the warmth, light and benediction of God’s Touch of Love upon your soul.

May you be blessed, beloved students. I am your teacher, Augustine. I pray for your continued soulful progress and understanding of truth in ways that go beyond the mind, enlightenment of the soul and the soul’s perceptions that will truly lead you to God, the understanding of His great Soul, the understanding of the meaning and purpose of life. These things come on the heels of prayer. Shall we not pray and ask God to give to us the great blessing of the Essence of His love, pouring into our souls, awakening us as it comes? God bless you. God bless you all. My love is with you.