Messages 2018

Be Prepared for the Changes that are Coming

April 28th, 2018

Punaluua, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike


I am your teacher Augustine and I wish to remind you of God’s plan for the salvation of mankind and that you each have a role to play in this plan if you wish to be a part of the unfolding of the Truth of the Divine Love in the consciousness of humanity.

You see within this plan there will be a great revelation of sorts, a sort of awakening that will start in the West and move around the world and that this revelation will touch many, many souls. Some will come afire with this Truth but many will place upon it their own interpretation, their own ideas as to what this Truth is and how this Truth operates in the realm of God’s Creation. Your parts, my beloved souls, will be to clarify, to bring this Truth in simple words to mankind. For God will touch the hearts of many, but you are to touch the minds of many with the words of Truth and understanding, unambiguous, clear and truthful.

Your whole lives have been an education so that you may truly understand the power of Divine Love within yourselves. You have been groomed and blessed and blessed some more so that you may speak up to the world in ways that will inspire and bring understanding. In many ways your words will be inspired by God. The words that come through your lips will be touched by God’s Grace. The Light that you carry will accentuate these words. The Love that flows through you will carry these words to many souls, touching them deeply. For you have each, not just the two of you here, but also those who will listen to this message, each has made a commitment to do this work, to be a part of this great plan that God has to uplift humanity from the darkness of this world. So you must come to truly know your own soul, to truly know the Truth of God’s Love in all its ramifications, to live this Love in this world, to be a channel of Love for many, to be humble yet forthright, joyful yet at times serious.

Beloved souls, each of you have what is required to step forth in this world to be a channel of God’s Love and a purveyor of His Truth and Love. It is because within you is a strong and wonderful faith that comes with the inflow of this gift of Love and with this faith comes strength and with this strength comes a desire to serve boldly without reservation, without fear, to be God’s instruments in this world.

This does not mean that you are an individual of the highest caliber and gifts and Light. No, you are human. You have your flaws and weaknesses. But it is the Light within your souls that determines the flow and depth of this service for God. In this way you are a special child of God. In this way God has His Hand upon you and brings you to that place of ever closer at-onement. In this way you are a testimony to the power of God’s Love. In this way you may speak the words, not only of your own experience, but of the true knowledge that you have gained and gleaned from your efforts, your prayers, your conversations and your experiences. You will know what words to speak. You will understand the situation that you are in with each particular day and group of peoples. You will come to feel a great love and compassion for all your brothers and sisters no matter their color, creed, race or religion. They are all your brothers and sisters. The simple words you speak of Love and Truth are all that is required.

We do not desire to spread creeds and dogmas in this world, for the world is littered with such and these things that man has created, these thoughts and ideas that come from the mind of men have not brought harmony to this world or to themselves to any great degree. There are some who do understand, who have within themselves a deep awareness, but I would suggest that very many of those individuals would not hold up the creeds and dogmas of their religion and say this is how I have come to my peace and understanding. No, it is something deeper, my beloveds, something more powerful that originates from the soul. The mind cannot touch the true wisdom of the soul and replicate this to any great degree. The mind is an instrument that can be used to understand to some degree the experience of the soul, the awareness of the soul.

So this is what you must teach, my beloveds. This is what you must emulate. This is the Truth that must flow through you to the many souls that will be seeking in times that are coming close as the world begins to unravel in some ways and find Truth in other ways. This great change, this great shift in the consciousness of humanity will come with the force of changes and the understanding that the reality that man has created no longer is viable or useful in a world that suffers so from these conditions. That a new reality must come and that reality comes from God. That reality must come with the soul awakening, the Truth of Love.

Those who will turn away from God’s great invitation to know Him and to be in harmony and alignment with the Source of all will find for themselves in this world great suffering and great upheaval, great confusion and pain. Even in this there is a blessing, for many will turn to God as a response to their experience of these conditions that are dark and chaotic. Those of you who know God, who are aligned with God will be guided through these conditions and will not suffer as much nor severely but will have the eyes to see, the understanding to know the steps that must be taken and why these conditions have come about in the world.

Great wisdom will come with this, my beloved souls, great wisdom and strength, a clarity, a purity, a soulful understanding that will be a great gift to those who will listen, those who are ready, those who are preparing themselves to be used as God’s channels of Light in the world, for this great transition and change that is coming for humanity. You will support and teach and love and help many others who are eager to be channels of Truth in the world and Love, who are eager to help usher in these new understandings, this new age of humanity that is long past coming and now, because of the conditions of this world, is necessary in order to help this world of yours to flourish and survive the onslaught of the darkness that humanity has created and continues to heap on to your beautiful world, God’s beautiful creation.

You come closer, my beloveds. God continues to strengthen you, to prepare you. You within your souls feel the great impetus that builds day by day to bring what is required for you to serve in this way. Continue to allow the awakening of your souls, my beloveds. Continue to pray fervently with the inflowing of the Father’s Love to make this your great focus, your great desire and all else will fall into place as you well know. Seek ye the kingdom and all shall come. This is a great Truth. This is a Truth that you know. This is a Truth that you will speak of. This is a Truth that you will demonstrate to the world.

A great work is coming for all those willing. Revelations, changes and adjustments will come and within you will be a deep, deep compassion and love for humanity and a deep connection with your Creator. This is what you all long for, my beloveds, and this is what will be given as you continue to struggle and wage within yourselves that great battle between those conditions within you that are not in harmony with Love and those that are. May the battle be won with Love. May God’s Truths, His Love be your guiding Light always, my beloveds, and may you choose Light always, express Light always, be with God always.

God bless you, my beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine and I am with you as you continue to grow and inch your way closer to that time where all will unfold. This great, great message will be given to all the world. May you be a part of this revelation, this great plan for the salvation of mankind. I love you, beloved souls, and I am with you. Your teacher Augustine continues to be by your side. My love is with you. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you.