Messages 2024

Preparing for Earth Changes

January 18th, 2024


Received by Al Fike

God bless you, beloved souls, I am your teacher, Augustine. I wish to acknowledge the dear daughter on this day of acknowledgements. Indeed you may be surprised that there are angels who take it upon themselves to be with and bless those who are commemorating special days. My daughter you have three of these angels with you today to help uplift and to help you celebrate this day. A blessing indeed for you.

Now I wish to address the coming times. As you continue to come together in this beautiful place with its languid skies, breezes, and sun, the beauty of all of these things, how difficult it must be to see this world as a dark place. For your experiences have been otherwise. Yet these darkening conditions are continuing to worsen and strengthen. The tensions between Divine Will and creation, and human will and creation are increasing day by day.

The depth and breadth of human ignorance is astounding. The separation from God is saddening. The efforts of humanity in so many different directions is creating great chaos in the natural order, in God’s order. As things are culminating into chaos and disorder, so the efforts of intervention and blessings upon this world continue to intensify. Thus we are giving you these special times to help reinforce and to uplift the truth within you, to help develop you in your gifts, to help bring to you a strength and versatility and capacity to be God’s instruments in the world.

Though you feel as if nothing is happening within you, at least anything that is dramatic, indeed very dramatic things are happening. These things are like seeds being planted within you. They will sprout and manifest in times to come when there is a need for them, when you are being called upon by God to truly manifest what has been given, the gifts implanted, the blessings and the awakenings that shall manifest in times of great need and great turmoil.

These times are coming quickly. I know within your focus and perception of time it may seem very slow, indeed. Yet in our perception, it is quickening daily. We see the manifestation in the spirit realms and that which is all around you in this level of God’s expression. Indeed these things must come and do come from the spirit first and then be realised within the material.

Those aspects of great change and flux are happening now in the spirit realms. For those of you who are sensitive are feeling these fluctuations, some uplifting, some causing distress. This will continue and will be intensified. In time material manifestations, the results of these currents of light and dark, will manifest in ways that will uplift you at times and other times cause great challenges.

Because you have chosen the path of sensitivity, of awareness and soul awakening, you will be more sensitive to these things, more so than many others in the world. You will have to bring these things to prayer to help yourself to be uplifted by God, to be in alignment with God. These are no trifling matters, my friends. It is serious. Indeed it is more serious than in millennia of time in the past. This is more intense than has been on your Earth for a very long time.

For the great shift is happening and will manifest in an ordered way from the perspective and expressions of God helping to quell the disorder and chaos. Indeed if there was no Divine intervention, you would all suffer greatly. Yet because God, in His mercy, continues to tend to His children and forgive the trespasses against His creation, there will be many blessings, many powerful blessings given to all of you and many others, and through all of you to many others.

Indeed humanity will survive this difficult time. But it will be a changed world, a world that will require adjustments, a world that will demand from you a different perspective and a different way of being. I know many of you welcome this change. But I say to you that you must be careful what you wish for. These adjustments will be severe for some of you and not so much for others, depending upon what you are attached to, how you are in the world, how you insist on certain ways of being in the world and how the world responds to you.

Indeed there will be times when you feel you are alone and abandoned and that the world is topsy turvy, as you would say. Yet in this time of change, of recalibration, of releasing the toxicity and gaining the light, you will see for yourself the importance of the blessing that is change and healing for your world. You will see for yourself, in time, the necessity for this. You will have the vision of what could be if such intervention did not take place.

There is much that will manifest in ways that will surprise you, some even delight you. There are some that will horrify you, for the way that your Mother Earth must cleanse herself is severe. Indeed some of you have witnessed the power of Earth and some have not. Many are naïve as to this power, but it is great. It shall be exerted in ways to cleanse and to make right what has been set asunder by humanity.

With faith, with strength, with love, with the light that you carry, the wisdom that you carry, you will overcome all impediments, all that may manifest in this period of transition. You will be strengthened by it and blessed by it. Indeed your faith will grow exponentially as you see God working through you in ways and means that will be extraordinary and powerful and will reach out to many souls. They will be drawn to you, for you will be a light in a very dark time.

Do not underestimate what God has given to you, beloved souls. Do not see yourself as weak, ever. Know the strength of your soul and know the strength and power of God working through your soul in the world. Be steadfast in truth and prayer. May prayer be the underpinnings of your life. May faith be that support that shall raise the tent of protection and light that God is giving you. May your ability to discern what you must do, the guidance that God will give, and discern the truth from error. Discern the fear from that of great faith and peace within you.

Set fear aside and allow peace to enter therein and you will be secure. For fear will lead you astray, where peace and wisdom of the soul will set you upon the path you were meant to trod. Nothing will harm you if you are in alignment with God. But you must set aside your ambivalence and those parts of you that question and doubt, for there is no time for this now, beloved souls, students of truth. There is only time to pray and pray intently, and to see what it is that God wishes for you to do and how God wishes for you to be.

We will be with you and very close indeed. As conditions intensify, then our closeness will intensify as well. For God will crowd His angels around each one of you and ensure that you will be uplifted, protected, loved and provided for. Indeed this great tent of light that each one of you are creating will expand and shelter many in the coming storms. The rains that lash will be expelled away. The wind will not crumple the structure. The earthquakes will not set you flat upon the ground. The fires will not destroy.

Yet all these things that manifest in the world will cause great panic and fear and worry for survival, and so they should. These things will humble many, will bring them to God and show them the way to bring peace upon the Earth. Much is coming, beloved souls, and you must be prepared.

I am your teacher, Augustine, and my love for you is great. We will never abandon you, beloved souls. No matter what happens, we will be there always. Trust in this. Trust in your own soul. Trust in God’s intervention and plan for the salvation of humanity and all will be well in your world, the world that you make in love. God bless you. God bless you all.