Messages 2018

Further truths will be revealed over time

November 20th, 2018

Bayview, Sydney, Australia

Received by Al Fike


I am James Padgett and I am happy to have heard from the dear professor for he continues to work diligently to learn all the truths that he is able and he spends much time teaching these truths to others. So you have been blessed by a very esteemed soul who is intent upon knowing the deep truths of God. Now I wish to say that this instrument, this medium, is reaching his stride in his gifts and will be able to bring forth many truths that have not been mentioned in the works that I was a part of. He is not restricted by the biases of the mind that indeed made it difficult for the angels to speak clearly and without error through me. I am not suggesting that what came through me is not valuable. It is indeed, bringing forth these truths that lead to at-onement with God through the blessing of the Divine Love. But I know that many of you are eager to explore further. You have many questions and you consider many things and your souls are eager to grow in knowledge and truth.

As long as you make great effort to bring the blessing of the Father’s Love within you, you will have the capacity to understand these higher truths. As this instrument continues to grow in the Father’s Love, he will be utilized as much as is possible to bring our communications forth in hopes of one day there will be publications such as what have been accomplished with my work, to help augment these truths and bring greater understanding to those eager souls who have dedicated themselves to growing in the Father’s Love.

Yes, there is always progression, is there not? Greater truths, truths that may come through various mediums that are in alignment with God and are capable of bringing clearer understanding, deeper understanding of the truths of the Father’s Love and all the wonderment and capacities that come with the awakened soul. And so, we all continue to progress, do we not? We continue to add our efforts to bring truth to humanity, to bring inspiration and understanding. I am grateful for your efforts, all your efforts, to continue on this course of exploration and soul awakening. Putting into action an expression of the truths that you know and adding to them as you go along in your journey of soul awakening. Yes there is much to know, many truths to be revealed, but you must put the truths that come into action and expression. Applying these truths as best you can in your life, though we will not feed you such a rich diet that you cannot comfortably absorb these things. They will come as you progress. They will come with the wisdom of God’s Touch upon each one of you and those who are willing to be of service as mediums, channels, healers and speakers, the many gifts that will manifest the truths of God. One must pace oneself and be patient and know that all will be revealed in time, in harmony, in the beautiful flow that is God’s Love.

God bless you my friends. I continue to work with you all. I am James Padgett and I am happy to see these three brothers who are eager to work together for the glory of God, for the glory of truth, for the glory of Love. May God bless you abundantly beloved friends. I am with you more than you know and I encourage when I may and when it is possible to make a deep rapport. I am with you. I am one of many angels who are dedicated to these tasks of supporting those who are involved in the awakening of their souls through Love. God bless you, my friends. God bless you and keep you always in His Love and my love. Gratitude is with you, each one. God bless you.