Messages 2022

Discusses the Requirements of Celestial Mediumship

October 6th, 2022

Menifee, CA. U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike

I am Judas. I have been present during your conversation regarding mediumship, instrumentality, and all of those aspects of the spirit that brings communication between us and you upon the earthly plane. As you well know, the number of channels or mediums that are able to consistently bring through Celestial spirits is extremely rare in your world. It is so rare that we guard our instruments and ensure that they are well-protected and utilised.

So, before you is one of those who has taken on the task, the responsibility and the blessing of being one of our beautiful instruments in the world. What is impressive about this individual is that he is consistent and continues to be open to the possibilities of being a channel of truth, Divine Love Truth to the world. It was a great disappointment to me when the channel I used to produce the book that you have, decided to remove himself from this position of instrumentality because of criticism that came from others. He could not bear the weight of that criticism. Yet, as you step forward in this capacity, it is well-understood that others will not believe nor support you in this effort, for within their minds they cannot accept the fact that an individual such as this may bring through beautiful and exalted angels, from Jesus and others.

There are those of you in this circle who have great faith in this process and have come to understand that there are great rewards from receiving messages such as these, that information is conveyed that is helpful in your own personal progress. As we have said often that what may come through any instrument is determined by the vocabulary, intellectual understanding, demeanour and biases, and when it comes to Celestial spirits, the foundation of Divine Love within their souls. You will not receive a message that may be repeated from one instrument to another exactly, in a particular format or wording. Each instrument colours the message. Of course, what is contained within the embodiment of that instrument will determine what may come through and how it may come through.

Indeed, as that instrument practices their gift of mediumship, the capacity for rapport is increased because of the frequency of rapport that has been established. In the case of this instrument, we have a great blessing of easy rapport because he has consistently travelled this path of Divine Love without wavering and has allowed himself to be a channel for us whenever the opportunity arises. The biases within his mind and the lack of fear or worry as to what others may think of him or respond to his mission do not cause barriers, for these fears do not exist. Yes, this instrument has been roundly criticized by many, even those close to him. Yet, he has relied upon the strength of his soul, the foundation of Love within that soul and the true understanding within him that this is God’s Will that he be used in this way to comfort and inform many. So this continues to this day.

The great flow of words, of truth and love and reassurance, come forth copiously and beautifully, so we are very pleased with his instrumentality and his capacity to be an instrument. Indeed, there is very little that limits his instrumentality at this time. It is only limited by what those within a circle may bring into that circle for each of you bring your thought conditions and your spiritual conditions into a circle. These are reflected through the medium. It is not just he alone who is determining the quality and capacity of the messages given. You remark at times on how we will respond to your conversation and those things that you have thought about together in conversation. Well, this is a demonstration of your conversation brought through with our commentary and our desire to educate and affirm that which you have spoken of and that which you perceive as the truth.

Indeed, the Law of Communication and Rapport is a powerful law and is very determinative of the quality of a message that may come through and indeed the Law of Attraction which will bring a spirit close to a medium. What are the intentions of that medium? What do they desire to do as a medium, to bring through as a medium? As I say, it is very rare that there are mediums who will bring forth consistently Celestial spirits. But indeed, we encourage those who desire to do so. Although, there is a great difference between an individual who is extremely gifted in the way of mediumship and has prepared and developed in such a way that we may utilize that medium as a clear channel and those who will and deeply desire to be a medium but have not prepared but wish to exert their gift through the power of their will and desire to be that particular instrument.

Indeed, this instrument did not have a deep desire to be a medium. Although, he frequented circles often where mediums were present and those mediums who brought through Celestial spirits. It became an arena that was comfortable and common in his life. So, accepting a mediumship was not a difficult trial for him. Accepting his own gifts brought him some doubts and skepticism. Yet, he overcame these things. But he entered into this arena through our request to do so. That request is a powerful avenue in which mediumship may be developed when the medium is ready for that development, when the conditions in his life or anyone’s life are in harmony with the development of the gift and when the soul has been well-developed in Divine Love. What a wondrous blessing this is to have these elements come together within one individual.

So you have received the benefits of this gift in many ways. And it shall continue. We do not wish to narrow the field, so to speak, of mediumship within your Divine Love circles. In fact, more mediums would be a great boon to all of us. But they must be of the right calibre and the right condition and the right situation so that when we make efforts to open the gift of mediumship within an individual, they will be consistent in their dedication to this gift and in their dedication to the growth of their soul in Divine Love.

Thus, the number of individuals who are indeed true Divine Love mediums is very small indeed. But for those who may listen to this message regarding the subject and wish to become a medium for the Celestial angels, a channel in this way, look within your hearts, look within your soul. Are you truly ready for this journey? For as with any gift that comes with a price, the price most often paid is that of criticism by the world. If one is willing to overlook the ignorance that is all around in your world, then that individual is strong enough to carry this torch. And is that individual well-grounded in Divine Love? Not just in an intellectual way, but truly within their soul, they know and feel and recognize their relationship with their Heavenly Father and that relationship is growing as they receive more of His Love. This commitment is foremost in the development of such mediums for there are many mediums in the world who may bring through those spirits who are close to the Earth plane.

It is, in many cases, a common practice. But how many are willing and capable of bringing through Celestial spirits, who are able to make that rapport, who are in that synchronization of thought and condition, soul condition so that a message of higher calibre may come through? Now there are Celestial spirits who will make rapport with mediums who are not well-developed within their soul but who will bring through a message from a higher spirit or a Celestial angel at times. But their understanding of the process is very limited. Because of their soul condition and their mental condition and beliefs, the quality of the message that may come through will reflect these limitations.

But we make a great effort in many places in the world. We make effort to communicate and come close to souls who are yearning and who desire the truth. But it is not often that this alignment of thought, belief, soul condition and quality of instrumentality come together in such a way that we may consistently use an individual who is gifted in mediumship. Yet, within this individual, these elements have come together in a beautiful and magnificent flow, an instrumentality that is unsurpassed in your world at this time. But indeed, our desire is that more instruments will develop, for this individual will not live forever. There is a need to pass the torch in time.

How many are willing, how many of you who clearly understand the Truths of Divine Love, those things that have been conveyed through various mediums and instruments to put this into practice and live your life accordingly, this is the first step. This step may take many years of practice and application in order to be developed adequately as an instrument for our use of communication. Yet, there are many who are applying these truths who could readily be candidates for mediumship. This dear child to my right has the potential and there are others. So we continue and patiently express our efforts and our ministrations upon you in the earthly plane so that some day more channels may be developed and that instruments of many colours and hues and capacities and gifts may step forward in your world as the need arises.

There is a great need at this time and yet that need will intensify exponentially in your world. Each individual must indeed apply the Truths of this Love to their lives in such a way that it becomes their life. With this application, God will utilize every and all individuals who are willing to be used as instruments for God’s Will and blessings, channels of love in the world. Mediumship is but one aspect of this and not necessarily the most important application of gifts. But indeed, it is one thing that you all seem to grasp upon for reassurance, for truth, for evidence of truth.

So we supply what it is that you require and desire to help you upon your journey, but it is not the primary avenue by which the individual may grow in Divine Love. It is secondary to the great application of truth which is prayer, prayer to receive this gift of Love. This is the very Truth that Jesus taught and is the Truth that is applicable today and to all of your lives. Seek the Love of God above all else. In this way, words are inadequate to define this journey, this gift from God. But indeed, for reassurance, to feed that need of your mind, to know the truth, so we make great effort to open the way that you might know in this way the Truth of God. For, all of you upon the earthly plane require this process of knowing in a mindful way, but then applying it within your soul and the soulful way. So we encourage you through various avenues to find your way to God. Many have but many more still wait for the truth, their souls longing and their minds so far away from understanding God and being with God.

You must be those instruments of light, my friends, to apply your gifts in ways where God may use you and utilize the resources that you carry within you, for there are times coming when you will be sorely needed. So I urge you to prepare, my friends. It is not just developing the gifts of mediumship but many other gifts: gifts of healing, gifts of speaking the truth, gifts of embracing in love your brothers and sisters. Many things may manifest through you, even if you lack that gift of mediumship or at least that gift is not the primary gift within you. There are many ways that God may use you and many opportunities where God will put upon your path many souls who are seeking, many souls that you may comfort, many souls where you may speak the truth, and many souls where you may demonstrate the truth.

See your life as a great hallway of doors. Each door is an opportunity that you may choose to enter and bring, through God’s Will, blessings to others. It is your choice. Your free will is always active. Indeed, you must come to recognize the choices that you make in a conscious way so that you might utilize the laws accordingly and be in greater alignment with God and God’s Will, the flow in your life that is God’s Will and design for you.

Much is coming to each of you in gifts and opportunities. Know who you are within your soul. Do not let your mind overshadow your soul and bring doubts, fears, and those things that are of the human condition. Be clear. Be resolute. Be of great faith. Seek Love always. In this way, the gifts that you carry will invariably manifest in many wondrous ways. Be true to yourselves, my friends. Be true to God. Seek His Love and all else will follow.

I am your friend Judas, and my love is with you all, brave and wondrous souls willing to travel the road less travelled, to seek the truth less understood in your world, to be harbingers of truth. Even though many are deaf and dumb, some will hear. But indeed, you will sow many seeds upon your way. God bless you, my beloved friends. God bless you all. My love is with you