Messages 2023

Brings Greater Understanding of Who We Are

January 8th, 2023

Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike

You’ve been speaking of me. I am Josephus and I wish to come to speak to you about the chemistry of spirituality. This may be somewhat contradictory in terms and definition but I wish to use the analogy of chemistry in order for you to better understand the makeup of your being. In biology, life forms by fusing a combination of chemicals, elements, atoms, etc. into a form. That form is given life by God. And so you are a physical form that has complied to this pattern, this fusion and chemistry in order to create your bodies and it is a very complex mechanism indeed. Something that has evolved over eons of time. For the processes that God put into place started many, many countless years ago. Yet here we are. You in the physical form are the result of an evolution of chemistry and elements coming together, not just by happenstance but because God had a plan and a way and means of bringing it so.

But of course there is more to you than just the chemistry of the body. There is also the chemistry of the spirit with many elements which make up this chemistry. Yet these elements are not of the physical nature that you see and understand through your five senses. Rather it is of the energetic and vibrational form that is also complex and different from the material. Yet God has made it possible for these elements to fuse together, also bringing life. For without the fusion of the spiritual and the material, how could life be? And indeed your scientists are beginning to see the interrelationship between these two aspects of life.

There is also a third aspect, the aspect of the soul which in its way does not have any chemistry whatsoever. It is a reflection of God and as such, does not have physicality, as I have explained regarding the spirit and the material. And yet this too, is a vital part of your being and without it, you would not be.

The interaction between these three aspects of your being, the soul, the spirit and the body, make for you the experience of life. The soul is cloaked by the spirit which is cloaked by the physical. And, in these successive layers are many dynamics and interactions which create the experience which you may have at any given time, at any moment. Reality then becomes interaction of chemistry, of energy and of your own core self interplaying together in many different ways and aspects, creating a unique reality for each one of you. Though many of the signals are much the same with each individual, the way in which you experience them is unique to you. Yet the elements, the laws behind this dynamic interaction and all things that make up a body, are shared amongst humanity. The uniqueness of your energy and I shall call it energy as a general term, will determine how your body interacts within itself, and with your spirit. Thus you have emotions, perceptions, sensations, mindful interpretations, many elements that conspire to bring to you a sense of reality, at least the reality of the physical form.

As we have said before, you also broadcast thoughts and energies, the energy of your being out into the world and this too interacts with all other energies and beings in the world, therefore, creating a very complex synergy of presence or shall we say, reality that is the human condition. This human condition enshrounds the soul which when entering the body is pure and yet as a result of these interactions, it is cloaked by these myriad of conditions, energies, and thoughts that exist in the world. And thus, for many of you to be fully attuned to your soul is a very difficult thing. You must navigate through all of these conditions, all of these spheres of energy that are surrounding you, all that is outside of you that is impinging upon your person, all that you create in your thoughts, your thoughts reacting to all that is outside of you and within you. It is a very complex matter, indeed.

In fact it is remarkable that we from the Celestial Kingdom can penetrate and speak through an instrument such as this considering all of the dynamics that are involved in his experience of life and existence in this world. And how is this made possible? It is made possible because within his soul is a desire to be in alignment with God and in this desire and his response to it in prayer, efforts, thoughts and deeds has helped to build a channel, a condition whereby the consciousness of the soul may penetrate the many layers of the spirit, body and mind so that it may emerge and communication may be possible. It takes a great deal of effort on our part and on the part of the medium to accomplish this. Yet our dear sister (E) laments that she feels that she is not adequate to the job, yet, what she and others are doing is miraculous and remarkable. One must put into perspective the complexity of the situation and ability to communicate in this way. The power of the soul empowered by the Essence of God is the key to all of this. Yes there are many other mediums in the world who are communicating on the same level as their own spiritual condition, whether that be light or dark. As a result this communication may be accomplished more readily. But to have a Celestial Spirit speak, communicating as we are doing at this moment is a far more complex and remarkable achievement.

Ideally all the elements of the body, the spirit and the soul are to merge together in complete integration of these elements in harmony with one another. In this merging together much could be accomplished through the individual but indeed the soul must be strong and empowered by love, the Essence of God. This heartbeat of the soul, this light, is penetrating the various layers of the spirit as we sit together in these circles of light. As the soul grows stronger and it’s heartbeat is stronger so that more layers are penetrated until there is a unified field of energy, not only of the spirit body but of the physical body as well, it creates a deep relationship and synchronicity with the soul. This is why we urge you to pray. We urge you to keep your thoughts elevated. We urge you to consider all things spiritual. For in this way, you are helping to harmonize these various elements and layers within and in time, bring about a unity that we so desire to see within you. Within your soul there is a deep desire to accomplish this, because this is God’s plan, His will for humanity. Rather than humanity be in a fragmented state, that there is within a unity and harmony between these elements and as you continue to grow in the Divine Love, so this integration takes place, slowly, surely, step by step. Much of it you are not aware of because it is very subtle indeed but some of it you are aware. You feel a change within you. You may even feel changes within your body and your mind, so that your thoughts and motivations are different. Even the desires for food, what you ingest in your body may change as a result. These are obvious aspects and elements of the deep changes within you, and there are many more.

You are being empowered by love. In this, all that is of energy, as you call it, is empowered by this process and what at times has been chaotic or not in harmony, is being harmonized, a unity, a flow that is like a heartbeat. The breath of the soul that is expressed by all of you, this breathing, beating soul that is full of light and love, wisdom, perceptions and feelings, all of the elements of the soul are being strengthened as you continue to seek the Love and in this way, the power of the soul then touches all other aspects of your being that I have spoken of. And you will find a deep and great transformation taking place. We see and acknowledge it. It gives us great joy to see this and witness this in another brother or sister, another child of God.

Indeed your soul will emerge as the predominant aspect of you and that all else that is you will fall into its rightful place and work in harmony together to sustain you, to bring to you what you require to walk upon this Earth and will be the instruments that the soul requires to manifest itself upon the Earth. These things are magnificent. God’s creation of each one of you, of each soul and being, not only on this planet but in the Universe is magnificent and beautiful and filled with so much that can be manifest given the right elements, given the dedication to the journey of transformation, given the joy and wonderment of love to empower the soul that will in turn empower the spirit which in turn will empower the flesh. These things unfold in the miracle of life, the wonderment of what life can be and so we have the honor and privilege to accompany you upon this journey of awakening, of transformation, of fulfillment. You will see this with your own eyes, you will know with your own being, you will experience from your own consciousness the transformation that is part and parcel of the journey of the soul toward atonement with God. May you be blessed, my friends, upon this journey. May you come to understand more fully what a miraculous being you are, and come to appreciate what God has created and how you are unique, beautiful, and magnificent.

I thank you for listening to me, my friends. I am Josephus and I love you. I honor you and I have great desire to help you to understand who you are and how you’ve come to be. May we continue this journey and as time progresses on the Earth plane, so we will add to this story and bring greater insight to your understanding. God bless you. God bless you fully, deeply, and abundantly. I love you. God bless you.