Messages 2020

The Style of Receiving Messages is Unique to the Individual

April 3rd, 2020

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso

I am here, Keea Atta Kem. My love is with each of you beloved souls. Thank you for your dedication to awakening your soul and to being of service. I have been assigned to this instrument to work closely with her as her gift of mediumship continues to develop.

What I wish to bring forward at this time is the unfolding of one’s mediumship, in particular, trance mediumship, for there are levels of a development with this gift. As a soul opens and awakens, to be able to receive a rapport with your angel teachers, this is only the beginning of the awakening of such a gift and us utilising the gift. As the soul continues to shift and change and awaken, the process the body goes through and that which the mind goes through needs to adjust to the new energies surging from soul. There can be somewhat of an unsettling within the individual, within the instrument. It takes time to calm and assimilate into this new level of awareness.

This instrument and she is not like others who we have used as God’s instrument, at various times feels to some degree a level of confidence in her ability to receive messages clearly. At these times, the instrument is well-balanced. There are times when an instrument may have experiences in their life that is causing a distraction where it is harder to build a rapport and to maintain a rapport with the angels. The mind of the individual can be distracted. These various things will reflect in the ability for us to communicate. It is not something that the instrument should judge themselves on, more so to recognise the importance of their daily lives and that what is happening within their life has an effect upon this gift and the ability for us to connect clearly.

So as our beloved Seretta Kem indicated, those environments that you engage upon and are surrounded by are very important, for they can distract you, or cause stresses in your life and these things will deflect from the ability to be of service in a clear way. It takes a great responsibility to be in service in this way. When we have observed these various instruments for many, many years in their lives, seeing how it is that they manage their tests, where do they turn. Do they turn to God? Do they turn to prayer? What is their desire? What is their sincerity? For the development of an instrument for trance mediumship is taken very seriously by the spirit realm, your guides and teachers. For the development of this gift is great investment on our side of life just as it is on your side of life.

For a message to come through that is filled with love and that flows freely, there is a quality to that message. These instruments who serve us have a feeling and a flow for these words, something that they will truly feel coming through their souls. Then there is the message where we desire to bring through a teaching such as dear Seretta Kem gave and I am trying to give. Depending on the development of that instrument there can be a greater sense of ease or to some degree, a lacking of confidence in that for it is more of a concept where we are utilising the brain and the mind. Of course the soul is accessed but it is a different quality that the medium feels being transmitted and a different aspect that is being drawn upon from them.

The style of messaging that can come through each individual too is unique regarding the knowledge that they have and their life experience, education, and their interests. What is important is to not make a comparison from one medium to the other for each is unique and each is important to what we can say through these individual mediums. So beloveds, it is a journey, a journey of feeling stable at times with this gift and sometimes feeling unsure about the gift and one’s ability to have things transmitted through. It is a constant flowing.

What you see here, not in comparison but in an observation, of the medium which you are used to receiving messages through, you have the grace of Albert whose services have been with us a very long time. We have worked with him closely. You see the quality of messages that can come through him but this is also due to the uniqueness of his individual gifts. We have our beloved brother Jimbeau who receives loving messages of truth, wisdom, guidance through his close guide Yogananda and also Saint Francis speaking through him quite a bit. He is drawn to these teachers and they are drawn to him for they have a compatibility within their souls and their likeness. Then there is this instrument whom I am speaking through. Her gifts too are growing, shifting, and filling and developing. There is a wide range of teachings that will come through her. We ask her to be steady with these changes and these new teachers coming through to her for much is shifting. She is in the midst of great change in her gift and she feels this.

In these times there is some security with this gift being used, of having clarity of the delivery but it is all unfolding in God’s loving Grace as each of you will experience your gifts open and awaken and unfold in God’s loving Grace. As you embark upon this time of discovering your gifts, beloveds, be patient, be graceful, have humility, awaken your soul in prayer, be clear with your desire and know that this expression of your gifts is there in service to your brothers and sisters and is awakening the great purpose of your soul.

I thank you for hearing my words, for receiving the Divine Love to work in your soul and giving your Celestial teachers one more avenue to serve through. God bless you, beloveds. I am Keea Atta Kem at your service. God bless you.