Messages 2018

The Opening of the Gift of Mediumship

August 29th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada – Mediumship Retreat

Received by Maureen Cardoso


I am Lotus Blossom and yes, I am one of the guides of this dear soul and she has shared with you her experience of the gift of her mediumship opening. There is a curiosity that she does carry about herself and curiosity is an element that can help all of you as you experience the development of your gifts in the various stages. For when one is curious there is a sense of innocence and openness to experience the gift in the way in which the beloved Creator desires to use the instrumentality.

As each of you are unique it is good to hear of one person’s experience although your experience will be yours. Have a spirit of curiosity about who you are on the soul level and who you are in your essence for this true part of you will emerge by the grace of God’s Love upon your souls in its awakening. And when one is living from their true self, all falls into place. This does take time but each of you notice your progression, your development and your changes. It is not to measure these changes but more to appreciate the changes that are occurring in you. Know that the hand of God guides you all. And as you more readily begin to feel your guides and your gifts developing this essence of who you are in truth, will find its expression. As you allow these changes to occur within you and around you will be able to feel a sense of alignment and harmony with many more aspects in your life.

There is no need to push but you may carry a knowing that by creating a discipline and making your prayer practise a daily occurrence, thus spending time with God, receiving the blessing and allowing the inflowing the gift of Divine Love, know that your true selves will emerge. Know that, for it will happen and with the grace and in the excitement of this curiosity does it not ignite great joy in you? Does it not light a fire in you to continue to discover this true essence of yourself? Can you not right now feel in the centre of your being that joy, discovering more deeply your soul and its presence in your life?

There are many gifts in each of you and as you have been talking about mediumship there are a number of elements to it. Trance mediumship is very overt but there are many other subtle ways you are being used as a medium. Through a touch, a loving glance, a kind word spoken, a helping hand you are giving place for your soul to express love. And this my friends, these ways are subtle but they bring a deep need of love into your world. So know that by just being you, you are a medium – you are a medium for God to place love before another in your world and to allow love to be who you are. A soul awakening by the grace of God, receiving this Love you then are love and the many attributes which that carries. So yes, it is a beautiful phrase “befriend your soul”, to be good to yourselves, to be easy on yourselves with that loving touch, that loving glance and soft words spoken to another. Be sure to nurture yourself in such a way and as this love expands and grows in your souls, you will come to know the grace of this language of your soul. There will be such a deep contentment within you, you will feel deep peace and a great sense of being at home. You will feel at home within yourself no matter where you go or what is happening around you.

So please continue to develop your gifts by the grace of God’s Love for it is then that they will shine in your world by the Creator’s Will. All is unfolding as it should. You have all been drawn here to learn, to love and to develop. It is a great pleasure to witness your time together. Be curious, beloveds. Be very curious about who you are. Stay close to your beloved Creator. You are all deeply loved and guided and watched over. Your angel friends will be near you, should you ask. We will do our best from our side of life to help you grow. It is a great pleasure to come and speak to you. It is a great pleasure to witness my dear charge’s gift being nourished by God and her willingness to be open, to be used and to serve God with a sincerity of serving her brothers and sisters in the best possible way.

You are each deeply loved. God bless you. I am Lotus Blossom. God bless you.