Messages 2020

Free Will and Perfectionism

October 27th, 2020

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

The gift of free will has been a dilemma for humanity since the beginning. To have the power of choice is a great gift and yet that power of choice creates many conditions and situations that are not in harmony with God’s Laws. Although without this gift, the possibility of great progress and the evolution of humanity would not be available.

The desire for perfection often compounds this dilemma. Desire to be of a righteous position and perfection in life creates many judgments within the mind of the individual. For to be perfect, to be in that state where all is in alignment and complies with the mind’s ideas of what perfection may be, often crowds out the soulful recognition of the individual that is of love, of caring and compassion.

The mind rules and dictates the emotional expressions and experiences of life. Many are caught in this web of mindful expectations and desires for perfection. This brings great pain and suffering to each individual who is within this construct, this paradigm of thought and this paradigm is all too common in your world.

When one receives the gift of Divine Love and its effects begin to purify the soul and take the soul upon a journey of awareness, so these feelings of discontent, this recognition of the dichotomy of the mind and the soul creates tension and disharmony. Indeed this is where free will comes into play. One may decide to continue to struggle internally with mind and soul, with the understanding of the soul versus the will of the mind forever in interplay and tension creating a condition of unhappiness. This condition of unhappiness plays itself out in the individual’s expressions in life. They are discontent with those things that are not perfect or aligned with their expectations and judgment is readily offered towards others.

But this does not solve the dilemma. It merely perpetuates the dilemma, for in this state the mind has great prominence and demands certain attentions and focus on the expectations which originate from the mind. Often these things are seeded in early childhood and become fully emergent as one matures in life.

In your world, the world of mindful expectations, these things are nurtured and reinforced constantly. So the individual has very little possibility of emerging from these conditions sown by men through generations upon generations and reinforced with each individual who has absorbed and expresses these mindful expectations and paradigms of thought.

So the unhappiness of humanity proliferates because of the unrealistic and inharmonious expectations that are passed from generation to generation and are played out in ways which proliferate disharmony and a lack of love. Each individual upon your Earth is caught up in this sense of desire and expectation that is of the mind. Each of you who walk the Divine Path seeking to infill your soul with God’s Love and to experience the transformation of this gift within your soul are often faced with this dilemma that is the mind seeded and flourishing with the human condition.

Indeed free will choice plays a great role in this battle between mind and soui as each individual must see and choose constantly within their lives when one has dedicated themselves to spiritual progression and truth. Often the ideas within the mind are not of truth, are not of God, are not able to bring harmony with the Laws of God, the Will of God and the Love of God.

This is why so many turn away from the bleak reality that comes within the soul’s awareness, bringing deep understanding of one’s own intimate patterns and conditions. Rather, it is easy to point fingers at others, to bring forth judgments, to see others as inferior or lacking in moral character or the ability to perform duties that are incompatible with your own expectations. This outward perception and projection upon one’s brothers and sisters only delays the inevitable revealing of one’s own self and character and shortcomings.

Though many of these self-judgments originate from the mind, there are other deep perceptions of the soul that are of truth and reveal the power of the human conditioning and conditions that prevail with each one who walks this Earth of yours. Yet we of the Celestial Kingdom continue to uphold you, to encourage you, to uplift you so that you are strong enough, so that you may look with clear vision upon yourself and with great compassion. For compassion must be a part of one’s journey of soul awakening and one’s journey of choices for greater light and greater harmony.

Without love and compassion for oneself, what is left is the compulsion to judge, to judge oneself and to judge others. Few are strong enough to go beyond this longstanding condition and to free oneself from the judgments of the mind, errors of thought, patterns and addictions as you call them and all things that are not in harmony with a soul imbued with the Father’s Love.

So struggle one must, in your world, a great struggle indeed, a difficult path that is laid out by the mind and inevitably rejected by the soul, for the soul in alignment with God knows the path that one must take. The soul infilled with the Father’s Love, the Divine Love, has the wisdom and the understanding of the path that God has designated for each individual. Once one becomes strong enough within the Love of God, there is no quibbling between the mind and the soul but a great acceptance and desire to follow the path laid out by God and empowered by the gift of Divine Love.

Each of you continues to make your way upon this path and in truth, often diverging from that path. But God brings you back, feet firmly implanted upon this path of Love. At times, you feel the glory and the wonderment, the joy and expansiveness of this soulful condition brought by the gift of Love. Then there are conditions around you and the mind’s expectation pulling you and the resulting emotional turmoil that often comes with a conflicted soul overshadowing this joy and bringing discontent.

This is surely an indication of stumbling off this path towards that human condition that constantly conspires to bring you away from God. Whether it be the influence of spirits who desire to take you from God or your own mind’s determination to discipline and which contrives to twist your thinking and is full of judgment and condemnation, or mortals who in their own way impose their dictates and expectations upon you. There are many, many conditions and elements in your world that will conspire to bring you into darkness and turmoil, a place that lacks love and compassion. Yet the power of God’s Love, the power of your angel friends, the power of God’s Touch upon you to bring influence upon your soul is greater than all of these conditions combined provided with your free will, you decide to step upon this path of light and release those conditions that are not in harmony with this, allowing yourself the joy of a life in alignment with God.

When you are not in alignment with God, I urge you all to not capitulate to the negative thoughts and patterns and old ideas that have been so impregnated into your minds and the emotions of your mind. Do not despair. Do not give way. Do not let the darkness overshadow the light. The power of your own free will determines this. Though you may at times indulge within this condition, we do not judge you. God does not judge you nor condemn you to a darkness and life that is full of unhappiness. No, beloved souls, each day is a new day. Each hour is a new opportunity to choose. Each breath can be within the light or within the darkness depending on your choice and your capacity and strength to not choose the darkness. Choosing the darkness does not overcome those conditions within you that are of darkness. Only choosing the light and the light of love can do so. Forgiveness, gentleness, compassion, a desire to love oneself and to love all those around you, these things are the antidote to darkness and despair.

As we have asked you to be a channel of light, an example for others to follow, I urge you, beloved souls, I urge you deeply to choose light. Even when you feel in the depths of despair, go to God in prayer. Ask for our help. Ask that you may choose light and ignore those mental aberrations which compel you to judge and think in ways that are self-deprecating and dark.

There is a choice. Each of you knows this. Each of you are challenged by this. Each of you realise that you are on a journey of awakening, of bringing light to yourselves, to your lives. Remind yourselves each day that this is the case, that this day holds great promise and great possibility to walk in the light and to be a channel of light. When you fall and are temporarily within this condition of darkness, pick yourselves up. Do not allow this condition to override the condition of light that is within your soul, that great powerful engine of light that God has bestowed upon you and enlivened with His Love. That part of you is the predominant part of your being and continues to grow in power and in its influence upon you.

May you find your way towards your own soul. This is your journey. This is your challenge. This is what has brought you together in love. May God bless you, beloved souls. I say these things to uplift you, to help you to see more clearly the struggle that is life upon your Earth, the challenges that come with this life, the possibilities that are a part of a spiritual life, a life dedicated to the growth of the soul, the development of the soul, the awakening of the soul, and the awakening of one’s relationship with God.

God bless you, beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine. My love is with you. God bless you.