Messages 2018

A Spiritual Perspective on Dietary and Other Choices

March 10th, 2018

Punaluu, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Received by A.F.


God bless you, I am Seretta Kem. You have had some discussion about diet, and I would wish to add to this discussion, hopefully to clarify some issues that you may have some concerns about. This world of yours, beloved souls, is composed with layers upon layers of error, of inharmonious conditions, not in conformity to God’s Laws of Creation. So it is easy to bring forth one particular issue over another, indicating the error and the disharmony that this creates in your world. Yet if you were to address all the issues of error, all the layers of disharmony, all the darkened conditions of this world, would you have any room for prayer or upliftment of your thoughts and discussions of Love? So your concerns about diet have some validity, are borne from observation and truthful awareness of these erroneous conditions. I need not go into these particular issues regarding whether you may eat meat or not. It is your choice, beloved souls. God does not condemn you for eating meat nor does God bless those who do not eat meat because they are of a higher level of consciousness. Considering all the conditions which you deal with on a daily basis, this particular issue is not of a great priority in terms of your souls’ growth and harmony. Now when it comes to your thoughts beloved souls, this is important. If your thoughts are wrapped up in judging another because of their dietary habits, you do far greater harm than that individual whom you criticize.

When we ask you to walk in your world, we ask you to walk in Love. Do not judge, do not condemn or impose limitations on others because of your judgments of their behavior. This is not of Love. Yet if you feel empathy for the beasts of the field that are slaughtered to feed humanity and in this way you cannot consume meat and this brings harmony to yourself, then by all means follow your edicts. But do not judge your brother or your sister who walk a different road. Whether you eat meat or do not, whether you consume anything that is available in this world to sustain your bodies, has very little influence upon the yearnings of your souls. It may have influence upon other things, material things regarding your body, but it will not inhibit a soul from receiving Divine Love and this is your concern is it not? To encourage others to be open and receptive to the blessing of the Father’s Love.

Of course there is wisdom in healthy eating, and in knowing that what you consume gives vitality to your bodies and we have asked you to eat in a way that gives vitality and strength and because you are engaged in material mediumship, mediumship that requires a body that it is healthy and vital. These concerns are valid and our requests are important. But this request is not of the upmost importance, but merely an adjunct to all the other efforts that you make and desire to do in dedication to this service and the activation of this gift of direct voice.

Saying a prayer over your food my beloved souls, may neutralize toxins. Having Divine Love in your soul in great enough quantities may change your cellular structure and eliminate conditions that are not in harmony with a healthy body. Positive thoughts may affect many things within the body. You see there are many approaches to this issue, there are many aspects and layers to these things. It is easy for the mind to categorize and call things good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. There are no definitive answers to this question and so you need not concern yourself with your brother or sister’s behavior, but you must concern yourself with your own and the responsibilities that you take to be in harmony in all ways. Your souls know, my beloveds, what is good for you in your diets. You have a deep, intuitive understanding of this and I would advise that you follow these knowings from within and be true to the Truth within you. We do not judge you my beloveds, in regards to your diets, in regards to many things. We are here to love and support you. When you behave and make choices that are positive and helpful and healthful, you will feel our love, our signal of acceptance and love. When you choose something that is not in harmony and not helpful, often you do not receive our approval, but you do not receive our judgment. So this is another way you may test the waters. Ask for the Love to flow as you choose that which is in harmony, and you will feel the signal of Love, this flow of Love towards you. When this is not present, ask yourself, is this in harmony, is this good for my wellbeing, my spiritual upliftment, my soulful harmony? You will receive the signal. We promise you this. If you are attuned, it will be easy to discern what is harmonious and what is not. Yet if you choose that which is not in harmony, we do not need to admonish you my beloveds. You will feel the effects, you will see for yourself, as you become more sensitive within your souls.

As we have told you many times, your lives are a series of choices and each choice has a consequence. When you choose Light, you receive Light. It is that simple. There are categories of choices which are often neutral, not light or dark, merely a manifestation of elements of your life and this you understand as well. I do not mean for you to be consumed with the idea that you must categorize and place everything within your being in life, in these ideas of good and bad, light and dark, approved and not approved. No my beloveds, we wish for you to focus upon your souls. To seek your guidance of course, but to not be overly concerned with the many and vast elements of life that are not of such importance that you need to be guided, that you need to know how to discern and place them into these categories. It is for you to use your wisdom and your common sense. Live life my beloveds, but do not fear life. Be your true selves but do not enter into a judgment and a perception of yourself that embodies this desire to categorize your actions always.

You will not attain perfection, my beloved souls. You are not required to attain perfection. You are asked to seek Light and to come close to harmony and these two things are not the same. Harmony is being close to God, bringing Love into all things that you do. Perfection entails the judgment of your minds and the harmonization of your minds. This requires a great deal of effort and energy and focus. Perfection is not easily obtained. Harmony with God is far easier and this is the road which we encourage you upon. In the course of obtaining higher levels of harmony, you may make certain choices regarding your diets or any other thing in your life. But nothing is imposed, all comes in the flow of the awakening of your souls and the shedding of those conditions within you that are not in harmony with Love. This is what you must focus upon beloved souls, seeking harmony and seeking Love. In Love you are embraced. In Love you find that road which is right for you. In Love there is no judgment of yourself or others, merely compassion and acceptance. Even though you may see more clearly and see error all about you, the predominant perception within in you will be compassion and Love. Because the wrongs in this world will not be righted with a sense of justice, a mindful judgment and practice that categorizes right from wrong, good from bad. This is not your path my beloveds. It is a path, but it is not your path. For right will come forth readily and easily in the flow of harmony. It does not come from a sense of self-righteousness and a desire to impose these conditions upon others.

Harmony and Truth go together, they are a part of one another. But Truth is not a weapon to force others to change. It is an invitation to embrace harmony and in this invitation is a great patience and simplicity that waits for the unfolding of the knowings and Truth of the soul as each soul makes their journey towards God. In this journey come the choices and actions that reflect and reinforce this journey. And to be in harmony, one must walk a path of Truth.

But the timing of this is within each soul. It is within their choice, within their efforts and thus you must be loving towards others, supportive of their path and to be patient. Live your life in Love, my beloved souls. Know that God Loves every soul and God is infinitely patient. Know God has created laws that govern this universe and there are consequences to actions. It is not for you to be responsible for their actions. It is for you to be responsible for your own and to live a life that is in harmony and in this way, you add to the Light of this world as you continue to grow in Light and you add more Light. In time, the dark conditions of this world, which often compel many souls to live in error, will dissipate and the eyes will open for those souls of darkness. Have faith in this my beloveds, have faith in your own journey and the journeys of all your brothers and sisters in this world. As you seek to support in Love those you may touch as God’s Instruments, so you will fulfill your destinies and bring Truth. This is of the soul, my beloveds, and as your souls awaken so will your gifts and your efforts that will bring greater Truth to this world. Seek the Love above all else and these other issues are trifling in comparison.

May God bless you upon your path beloved souls and show you the way. May you be always aware of how loved you are and how God patiently guides you and brings you to deeper awareness with each day. You will make choices for Light naturally in response to the Love within your souls. This wisdom will grow within you so, as will strength, as will compassion. Your faith grows, your Love shines brighter, becoming truly children of God. You will see and you will know how you may contribute to changing this world, to bringing greater Light and harmony. May you know a deep peace and a deep joy in all that you do in life. God bless you beloveds. I am Seretta Kem and I love you.