Messages 2019

Choose To Love All

July 7th, 2019

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

God bless you, it is Keea-atta Kem. I wish to speak about the importance of harmony in your Circles of Light. God brings together many diverse individuals who have had their unique experiences in your world, thus creating for themselves their perspectives and mindful ideas of truth and spirituality. Sometimes those ideas do not correlate with your own. Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable with what the other is expressing as their heartfelt truth. Most often these differences originate from the mind, the material mind, and the material mind persists and holds onto different concepts, constructs of ideas, bringing a certain comfort to the individual.

The mind wishes to make concrete those beliefs, to bring its version of truth to the experiences that are spiritual in nature. So the mind persists and is strong in its beliefs and it is stubborn releasing that which may be of error, or even to listen to another’s perceptions and ideas. So you have the crux of the reasons why there is so much conflict in this world, do you not?

The mind often desires control to pursue strength and power and these things are not in harmony with love. Love accepts and embraces, beloveds. When your souls are imbued with God’s Love, it is important to express this Love with acceptance, to express this Love with inclusion, to express this Love without judgment. These are the challenges of each individual who is often ruled by the mind yet compelled by the soul to be in this loving state.

For most in this world of yours there is little love and acceptance, merely seeking out those who agree with their own perspective and reinforcing the need for comfort and community in regards to these beliefs. Yet you, my beloved souls, continue to venture forth in the world amongst a great diversity of individuals. You continue to reach out and to make efforts putting aside your biases and judgments so to be in the flow and harmony of God’s Love.

Yet these human qualities, these mindful qualities, continue to rear their heads in your thoughts and your expressions. It is important at this time and indeed for all times, to quell these thoughts, to seek for the highest which is not of the mind but of the soul, to seek to be in harmony with God, and to allow the Love of God to flow unimpeded and powerfully forth for all your brothers and sisters.

Now that which has been taught and incorporated in the mind and believed with such dedication and adherence, is very difficult to release or to reform into something more in alignment with God’s Truth and Love. These are the challenges that each of you face who are walking upon this Divine Path. For love must be the foundation of all and the expressions of love, as I have said, are of acceptance without judgment.

I urge you to love and to accept. Not in a way that you are detached and do not feel any judgment nor any love or that place that is neutral. This is not what I am implying. Instead, love with passion, love with grace, love with authenticity, love powerfully. Express your soul without the fear that that expression and that openness with another will be met with rejection or judgment from them. I say to you, beloved souls, even if this is the case, love anyway. Love, because this is your purpose, your mandate from God, to love. In the flow and power of this Love there is no hurt, there is no sense of rejection, because from soul to soul there is an understanding and acceptance when there is Light.

So I say to you beloved souls, your minds continue to challenge you, to derail often the flow of love. Yet each day is a new beginning, a new challenge to be met, a new way to be expressed and renewed love that brings healing to all that is not of love. This is your challenge, beloveds: Be love. live love, desire love, express love in all the ways you are able and there are many. It is a matter of focus and desire and application. This is not altogether difficult or impossible. It is merely the power of your choice, the power that comes when you say: “I desire to be an expression of my soul’s light and love and truth, not that of my mind which has been so infected by the human condition.”

As you continue to grow in Love, so you begin to see the difference. You begin to recognize this duality within you. With this recognition, comes an understanding and a need to integrate, to bring together these two parts of yourself in harmony, and to let go of all conditions that are not in harmony with love, that are not of God’s Laws of Love.

Walk in the Light, my beloved friends. Be the Light. Express the Light within your souls and love, love. Love all. In this way harmony comes and it is the only way that true harmony will come. It is the power of love that washes away all that is of hurt and pain, of judgement and error. It is the power of love that brings you together in Light and brings you to God in unity and singleness of purpose, so that that connection is forged with great power and wonderful response.

Beloveds, you are Love within you. Acknowledge this. Express this. Be the love that your soul desires to be and that God wishes for all to be. In this way, you teach the most powerful lesson. In this way, you express the most powerful Truth. In this way, you are truly a child of God.

May God bless you, beloveds. I am Keea-atta Kem and I love you, beautiful souls, beautiful souls who struggle in a human world. May God bless you and uphold you and Love you, as you progress forward. God bless you.