Messages 2018

60:40 Soul Mind Guidance: Part 1

May 15th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


I’ve come to tell my dear and beloved daughter (Lorraine) that she has indeed accomplished much in her visit here. Though not necessarily what she anticipated, much has been accomplished. A new bond has been forged, renewed and different, so that you may continue and work together within the Plan for the Father’s Salvation of Mankind. Yes indeed many connections and insights were forged in this time together and blessings have poured upon you all.

I wish to add to Andrew’s message about the relationship between the material mind and the soul mind and to suggest that ideally the material mind would make up 40% of your perceptions while the soul mind would make 60% of your perceptions. This balance is ideal. Thus if you take into account your daily perceptions you see that there is a ways to go, to create this marriage of perception of reality. This is but a crude analogy of this ideal marriage between the two faculties. In time with the power of God’s Love there is but one consciousness, not divided as I have suggested, but fully integrated. But for now I leave you with this goal, with this ideal, for to have these two faculties completely married together would be a lofty goal indeed in this material world. And yet it is fully possible for you to create this sort of balance in your life and I would encourage you to think about this, to accept that God will help you to evolve in this way for your sense of reality and truth, perception of the world will come to a place that is indeed acutely aware, deeply perceptive, all infused with Love and joy.

Is this not a goal worth pursuing my friends, to be in that place where you are empowered by the gifts that God has given you, the faculties that operate within you, and to have all of these gifts and faculties alive and functioning at their fullest capacity in your life? This comes with the inflowing and infusion of the Father’s Love that continues to change you, to bring the emergence of your soul as the dominant factor in your reality. To have this, this ability, this conscious knowledge, this awareness would make for a powerful instrument in this world, one which we are eager to help you to attain and be in this world, to perceive in this way, to know from this perspective, would bring great truths and the capacity to Love, to know God’s Will in all its fullness, to enact your instrumentality and your purpose in this world with precision and power and beauty and grace.

Seek to be this beautiful soul that you are meant to be. Seek to move towards this balancing of perceptions and awareness. Continue to pray to your Heavenly Father that He may bless you with such gifts, such an ability, so that He may use you in many ways in this world to bring Truth and awareness, blessings to others.

It is a wonderful journey, one full of surprises, one full of many blessings and the awakening of many gifts. So you continue on your journey and you continue to accept and to bring within yourself all that God has to give to you, so that this powerful transformation may take place and be manifest in a conscious way in your being and change who you are, how you are in the world, what can be, will be, manifested by Love. May you be blessed deeply by the Father’s Love, my friends. God Bless you and keep you in Love.

I am your teacher Augustine and my love too is with you my beloveds. I am with you often and continue to inspire and teach and help you upon your road. It continues to climb ever closer to the fountainhead of Love. God bless you. God bless you.