Messages 2018

May the Winds of Change Catch the Sails of Your Soul

May 15th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


The winds of change blow upon each of you, my beloveds. Events and situations are coming into your lives. Often they come unbidden, unanticipated, but come nonetheless as the conditions of this world bring its effects upon your lives and the desire of God to urge you forward in service and Love bringing changes, opportunities and blessings upon you.

It is very difficult indeed to anticipate what comes in the future as all of these forces have their effects and responses in your life including the power of your own free will to choose to align yourself with Light, to be protected and blessed, to allow the insights of your soul to become a conscious thing within your life. Many aspects within each day come into play. Many parts of you vie for your attention. The mind so often wants to dominate and bring what it sees as rationality to your actions. To some degree this is necessary and important, but it is the marriage of the mind and the soul, the wisdom of the soul and the wisdom of the mind, so that you may make an informed decision with each opportunity that comes your way. Remember this, my beloveds, because many opportunities are coming your way. Many unanticipated situations, invitations and possibilities are coming.

As you continue to grow in Light and Love so many clamor towards you seeking your comfort and love and wisdom. Your responsibility is to maintain yourselves within this place of Light, to be cognizant of the perceptions of your soul and the Will of God. In this way, all that comes will be enacted in wisdom and harmony. Yes, each day is a test, each day brings you to a place of decision, of choice, of stretching a little further in your ability to perceive, to love and to choose Light. Be strong, my beloveds, be strong in the Light of God’s Love, in the Touch of God’s Will within you, in the knowings of your soul.

My beloveds, we guide you and assist you to shift your thinking and doing towards a more soulful expression, one that is indeed in harmony with God. This alignment between the mind and the soul within you and all parts of you with God is so very crucial at this time. It is this invitation from God to be attuned, to be aligned with Him, to do so in a conscious and dynamic way so that all that you do, all that is in store in your lives will be in harmony with God’s Will.

You are entreated to grow in Love, for it is in flow of the Father’s Love that enlivens the soul and all its faculties. So you pray and you pray some more. You feel the urgency to continue in this great effort to reach God, to receive His Love and it propels you forward towards this eventual at-onement with God. So you see day by day greater openings, deeper insights, more compassion and Love and desire to be an instrument of God’s Will and Love in the world.

So as we have asked you many times, take each day as it comes, explore and expedite the possibilities of that day. Ask to be used as an instrument of God’s Will. Ask to gain further insight and blessings of the soul. Ask to be in Light and choose to elevate your thoughts to be with God with every breath. In this way God may use you, not only in a conscious overt way in this world, but in many ways in which you are not even aware. God can use you to bring greater Light to this world. As you humbly step forward, as you begin to awaken, as the mind and the soul merges in harmony, each contributing to your conscious actions, perceptions, so the effectiveness of your ability to be God’s Instruments, channels of Love in the world, increases as this alignment takes place, as you come to that place of true harmony within you. For God intends for each soul to live in harmony, to live in Light, that all the gifts and faculties that are within you may commingle in a harmonious way, producing for you deep and meaningful perceptions and knowings that the soul may indeed contribute to your conscious enactments in life.

So much awaits you. You begin to see glimmers and cracks of Light and knowings. These will grow and in time your reality of life will change completely. Indeed the winds will blow, the winds of change will blow in your lives as your perceptions, the awakenings of your soul continues to evolve. So you will catch these winds and ride these winds to many opportunities of service and awakening and experience and Love. You begin to set your sails, my beloveds, and the winds will catch upon these beautiful sails of your soul, propelling you forward, opening up the possibilities to travel far in your life. May the Father’s Love continue to open you and bring the possibilities, potentials of your soul forward, that you will know great joy in this, that you will awaken ever further in the flow and effects of His Love.

God bless you, my beloveds. May God keep you in His Care and uphold you in His Love and heal you and awaken you. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Andrew and my love is deep for each one of you. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls.