Messages 2018

The Soul’s Journey of Discovery

January 24th, 2018

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike


Alec here and I am happy to be with you and I have been with you for this whole day and have enjoyed your conversations and your prayers and your desires to be in the highest condition and Light. How beautiful it is to see a group of people who are not so much engaged in the material but in the spiritual. How important this is to take time to discuss and to contemplate and to be within the Light of the spiritual.

Now each of you feels that you are on the threshold, the threshold of change in your life. Some have already crossed that threshold. Others require some time so that they are ready to cross but all of you are moving forward. All of you are listening to the callings of your soul and God’s Guidance and Will for your lives. Often these changes and transitions in life take time. It takes time to come to that place where the flow of God’s Will and Love propel you forward to a new place of awareness, a new way of life where your soul’s capacities and faculties are awakened and you come to live your life from this place and integrate these new perceptions, new gifts and new abilities into your life and bring them forth as a gift to God in service to humanity. All of this is informed by Love, my friends. It is the Love in your hearts, the Light in your souls that compel you to go across this threshold, to be in that place of joyful expression of your soul serving God in many different ways, exploring your own capacities and abilities and those treasures hidden within your souls.

God has many surprises in store for each one of you, my friends. Much is waiting. A great deal will come about in accordance to your own spiritual growth and strength, in accordance to the Love that flows into your souls and the harmony that comes with God’s Timing. So, my beloved friends, many things are about to take place in your life. Some unanticipated, some the result of your own desires and free will, some as the result of the conditions of this world. But all is in flux and change and you will come into greater harmony in time as these conditions, influences and elements continue to affect your lives. It is for you to move through all of these changes in faith, trusting in the Will of God, trusting in the wisdom of your own souls that will take you through and bring you to where you are meant to be. This will happen over and over again as you continue to ascend into greater Light and you continue to open into greater awareness and to express deeper gifts and aspects of yourself. As your soul grows in Love, so your life changes accordingly in response to the deep inner changes that come with the Divine Love, bringing its change within you.

You are on quite a journey of discovery, my friends. Quite a journey indeed. You feel the excitement and joy within your souls, seeking to move forward in what feels like a new life. This feeling will intensify and you will come to expect the unexpected, to accept those things that come with the Will of God. The perceptions and the awakenings of your souls will bring greater insight, deeper understanding into those changes that are coming and those things that will affect your lives in profound ways.

Remember that you are always loved, that God has His Hands firmly around you, embracing you and protecting you. You will find your way through whatever conditions you may encounter and whatever challenges may come, you will find solutions and you will be able to utilize these conditions and challenges in a way that will help you to grow and to serve more effectively in this world.

Yes, your eyes begin to open, my friends, the scales peeled away, the wisdom emerging, the Love growing and this shall be and always will be your life for life is change. Life conspires to bring growth, awakenings, understandings, lessons to learn, things to overcome, choices to make and love to give. This is life and this is a good life, a life that is not stale and static but a life that is full of movement and openings that you may accomplish great things in this world, great things within your inner world, that you may come closer to Truth and to be a pure and clear channel of God’s Love in the world. Yes, you step upon the threshold, eyes wide, the anticipation of your souls, the wonderings of your mind, the need to know all the answers which cannot come at this time but will come in time.

This is your life at this moment, beloved friends, a good life, a dynamic life, a life full of possibilities and many blessings from God. So it will be, so it is. So it is for you to embrace life, my friends, to truly embrace life and to move forward with a sort of courage and bravery that accepts the challenges that will come and to turn those challenges into gifts and treasures of your awakened soul.

God bless you, my friends. I am Alec and I love you. I am with you very often. I am happy to see the lights growing within you, the changes happening in your lives and the love that flows each day. May it continue to flow and intensify, be utilized by God in many different ways, for much awaits, much awaits, so much work and so many in need. May your time be well spent, my friends, used in the service to God and humanity for the world needs you. The world hungers for what you have. The world awaits you. Be a channel, a friend, a servant to your brothers and sisters, that Love may flow freely and Truth may be the hallmark of your steps and wisdom may be spoken through your lips, acceptance might be your expression in all things that bring harmony and peace. God bless you. God bless you. Your friend, Alec, loves you. God bless you.