Messages 2018

The Voice of the Soul Will Guide You to Enact the Will of God

February 16th, 2018

Hollis Woods Community Church, Queens, New York, USA

Received by A.F.


Yes there are those associated with this place who are caught in the entrapments of error, of the old ways, the old thoughts, the old creeds and ideas and so these things weigh down this place. The entrapments of these things are all about you and brings a message that is not your message but a message of bygone days, of things that have been but are no longer. So you bring a fresh light, a fresh perspective, new blood into this church and so you must.

For any and all of these institutions to survive in this world in the coming changes, there must be harmony with Truth and there must be Love. You must embrace all for this will be a refuge in times to come. This is where many will come to find the answers to what is happening in this world where so much will be rent asunder and so much will fall. But from the ashes, the phoenix shall rise, the phoenix of Truth and Love. So you must empower this place with your prayers and your efforts. You must seek within yourself to be empowered by Love. Let this be your motivation, my beloveds, this be your Truth. With that foundation within you, you will rebuild this church brick by brick, effort by effort, prayer by prayer with a clarity and focus and faith within you, a determination to bring to this place a fresh start and a new beginning. For God has indeed put His Hand upon this place and so in your efforts you honour His efforts to bring the blessings to the many souls who seek. Are you prepared, my beloveds, to take on this challenge, to be dedicated in this way, to say: “I am willing to do as you ask, Heavenly Father, I am willing. Show me the way. I shall step forward as You clear the path for me.”?

So it will go and yes, there will be times of challenge and difficulties. But only if you allow these human conditions to entrap you and hold you back from what is meant to be, then you release your will to the will of others. Instead you must embrace God’s Will and make it your own. In this you will be strong and steadfast and in the Light and a channel of God’s Love. Beloved souls, before you is an opportunity. May you grasp what this opportunity is and carry it forward to what it is meant to be, that your efforts may bring great fruits of blessings and joy and Love. All is possible as one continues to forge their relationship with God.

So miracles can happen, my beloveds, in this place. Barriers can be put aside. Purpose can be clear and meaningful given the right steps, the right attitude, the prayerful desire to serve. Beloveds, you are mightily blessed within your souls. May you continue to express those blessings in the world. May all those treasures within your souls come forth, shine forth all about you that these gifts that you possess may be expressed in powerful and beautiful ways. Remember, my beloveds, all of this is from God and so allow God to do the work through you. This is what ministering to others is, to be that channel, that instrument for God. You must prepare yourselves in this way, be strong in this way which requires deep humility, a willingness to listen to that very small voice within rather than the insistent voice of your mind. So that voice within grows stronger and stronger as you grow stronger within your souls until there comes a time when these two voices, one of your mind and one of your soul, merge together into one voice and there you have found the key to enact the Will of God.

Beloved souls, beloved souls, may you continue to be blessed and inspired and strong within. I will continue to walk with you as many from the Celestial Heavens shall do and will do. I love you, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine. I will continue to tutor you and be by your side. You can rely on the consistency and strength of the angels to be with you. Merely ask and we shall be by your side. God bless you. God bless you, my beloveds.