Messages 2019

Divine Love and Your Soul’s Mission on Earth

October 24th, 2019

F.U.S.C, Burnaby, B.C., Canada

Received by Maureen Cardoso

I am James. I join you in Circle as you sit and pray here for the blessing of God’s Love upon your soul, the Love from the One Who has created you, allowing the Soul of the Creator to touch and commune with your soul, having this knowing of one another grow deep, the purity and understanding and a realization of the truth of who you are and the truth of who the One that has created you. This is your individual journey for discovery. Your awakening is unique to you. The awareness of God, the Creator, your Beloved is unique and special to you.

As each and every individual soul awakens, how this happens there is a commonality for certain. The awakening of each and every soul is by the receiving of Divine Love. That beloveds, in this way you are one, but in God’s great Grace, each of you have been created with a uniqueness of personality, of interest, of gifts that lie within the soul awaiting to be awakened into their full potential. It is by the Grace of Divine Love that these gifts awaken to their fullest potential. There are many seeds within you, gifts to awaken and to be of service with.

With some of these gifts you may have the experience of awakening them while you walk here on this Earth. But, as your journey is eternal, once you pass into spirit the awakening continues. The opening of gifts, the blessing of these gifts to be in service continues. So this Earth experience that you are in the midst of is but a beginning.

Those souls who have come to understand, or least hear of this great gift of Divine Love while on Earth are very blessed, for when they pass into spirit and continue their journey and they continue to pray and long for Divine Love, their at-onement with God is an unfolding that brings great, great joy and many blessings.

As you walk this Earth here now filled with illusion of what is Truth, it is very challenging. For the soul the truth of who you are is awakened to some degree, but most greatly is dormant, lying buried beneath the prominent aspects of the mind, for it is on this Earth that the mind is revered. This has been a great detriment to Mankind. For, it even is in many understandings of who and what is the Truth of God the Creator, is through the mind. But dear friends, it is the soul that God has created and these Earth elements make up your body and your mind. These are the vehicles that your soul has been gifted to fulfill its purpose while walking here on Earth so when the body and mind come into harmony and to being able to feel and sense the soul within you, hear the guidance to know, to know the whispers of the soul.

This, dear beloveds, is why you have a body and why you have a mind. It is to allow your soul’s journey here on Earth to fulfil its mission. That mission within your soul, its purpose has been received by God. Because God communes with your soul through this great feeling, it is a great advantage when you receive the Divine Essence, the Love of God. For your soul comes into harmony with the Soul of God and the Will, the Will that God has for you when you have the courage to place your will in the Will of God.

My dear friends, your life will change. There will be resistance from the mind for the mind has been used to dictating the way in which you have lived for a very long time in your life. Now, dear friends, now comes the time in your life and this time upon Earth when mankind must awaken, awaken to the grace and the truth of who they are, a soul. When you add and invite in the Blessing of Divine Love into your soul, your awakening is assured. You must continue daily to formulate a habit, a habit to be nourished by your Beloved. Sit in the presence of Love. Let your worries and your troubles be known to God. This Essence will heal worries, troubles, and wounds. Great peace and joy with so much Love within you to share with others, your expressions in the world will be renewed, full of grace, and much love by awakening your soul with Divine Love.

God bless each one of you on your journey home. Home is the at-onement with God. God bless you I am James.