Messages 2018

The Journey to Soul Awakening

March 2nd, 2018

Homosassa Springs, FL, U.S.A.

Received by Al Fike.


I am John, John the Beloved. Every soul embarks upon a journey of life, seeking to know themselves, seeking to know life in all its complexities, possibilities and potentials. Yet often that soul misses the opportunities that may come with knowing his soul. In your world so few seek this, so few know how to discover their own soul, to find their true selves. And so they travel their lives, often blind and unawakened, seeking gratification of the material, going about their lives responding to whatever events may come their way. Yet they truly underestimate their own potential and abilities that are of a spiritual nature and what benefits may come from this discovery and the opening of their souls in Light and Love.

Yet each one of you here has been drawn to this circle of Light, seeking some answers perhaps, seeking an experience, seeking fellowship and seeking love. That desire to be together often originates from the soul, some need within you beloveds, to be in the Light in whatever way that may come by your experience together.

At this moment you are in the Light. At this moment you may realize some possibilities of receiving a gift, a blessing from God. May I suggest that you open yourselves to this gift. Make a silent prayer to God with these simple words: “Open my soul to the inflowing of your Essence, your Divine Love.” Say this prayer from the feelings of your soul. For your souls crave this gift. Often this craving, this need, is ignored, for you are so much within your mind, the material mind, that the life of the soul and the possibilities of the soul coming to life are ignored and overwhelmed by the conditions of this world. Yet through this simple prayer, through this earnest desire to be with God, comes the opening of a whole new universe, a shift in perspective and a knowing that comes with the awakened soul.

The power of God’s Love is immense, my beloveds. If every soul in the Universe prayed earnestly to receive this gift in unison, it could not possibly take a minute portion of this Love into themselves. Thus the Love of God is infinite and cannot be received fully by one individual or even a multitude. It is this vast, this wondrous and this glorious. And this Love of God is with you at this moment. Drink deep, beloved souls. Drink deep of this blessing. Come to know it, to savour it, to bring forth the desires of your soul so that this thirst that is within each one of you may be quenched for the moment and you may come back to this well again and again to receive ever greater quantities of these Living Waters, this Essence of God.

It takes but a moment of your time, a small effort from your soul, in conjunction with your mind coming together in prayer. In the reception of this gift you will know that you have come home to God. You will remember God’s Love for you and you will recognize its beauty and necessity in your lives. Drink deep beloveds. Seek this gift. This gift, in time, will bring you to at-onement with God and will redeem your souls, beloveds. This means that your souls will be fit to enter the Celestial Kingdom and you will find a place within that Kingdom which is not of this Earth, that is beyond any explanation and beyond your conception of joy and love. No beauty you have seen compares with this place.

But first you must receive this Love, this Grace, and travel a road that does take your efforts and your prayers and your desire to allow the Love to heal you, that you may release your pain, release all that is in error and not in harmony with God. This is a journey my beloveds. A journey that will bring you to Heaven and yet, it will not end there for Heaven is not a place that is static, it is ever-growing and change comes with every moment. And so you will continue to grow. Your souls will continue to expand in this Love as you continue to seek it and this will never end.

So I invite you upon a journey that is endless, magnificent, beautiful and joyful. Seek this gift from God and we will accompany you upon your journey and assist you in the inevitable travails and challenges that come with the awakening of your souls. But it is a journey like none other and there is nothing that can compare.

May you seek for this Love, the highest of all gifts and come to know your true selves in ways unexpected, delightful, magnificent, beautiful and filled with Love. God bless you beloveds, I am John the Beloved. Thank you for listening to me and may you drink deep from this well of Love. For God pours His Love into you whenever you allow the opening to be within your soul. God bless you. God bless you and I love you.