Messages 2017

The seeds of your soul

November 23rd, 2017

Gibsons, B. C.

Received by Al Fike


Can you see how your desires affect the outcomes of your lives? How these desires in prayer bring blessings to you and how, as you wish to serve God, so God responds by helping you to prepare to serve, by bringing forth those gifts that will set you upon the course of service and bring to you deeper understanding of the course that you are to take in service. So you have come together to serve God have you not? You have taken up the invitation that God has placed to each one of you and you have said; “Yes, I am willing. I am willing to serve you, to follow your guidance, to come together in love, to walk this path together for a time”. As you step forward in this way, you open a door, a possibility and an opportunity. So it will go, my friends, so it will go. Each step opens a door. Each decision brings something new, some possibility into your lives.

When these decisions come from your souls, when that light within your soul and that wisdom within your soul bubbles forth into your consciousness, so new possibilities arise within you. You are given a choice. Shall I follow this inspiration or impression or thought or shall I not? Shall I ignore the impulses that come, those bits of inspiration, of guidance that open your minds to the possibilities in this world of service and of expression of your souls. These things cannot come if your souls are locked away, and are not ignited by love. They cannot come. For all of these ideas and bits of guidance and understandings and awakenings are like seeds that God has placed within your soul. As you receive the Divine Love, so like the seeds within the ground that receive the waters of life, with the light of His Love they begin to awaken, to sprout and to grow. At some point they come to consciousness within you. So you see, my beloveds, there are many seeds of possibilities within your souls, many things that God has implanted within you. His desire is that you awaken and that these beautiful blessings and potentials within you awaken.

As your eyes open, your awareness deepens, your love grows and your minds become more flexible and open to the potentials of your soul. Then the work truly begins, the service that you have decided upon a very long time ago, before you incarnated in this world and a purpose was developed within you, within your souls, and thus igniting the flow of your incarnation into this world, acknowledging the Will of God in all of these potentials of expression in your lives.

So God has planted a beautiful garden within your souls, my friends. He seeks that you be good gardeners, cultivating the seeds that are there, these beautiful expressions unique to each one, this beautiful garden that never again shall be seen because it is unique, it is of you, it is your expression. Your purpose within this world is to allow these beautiful potentials to grow and be expressed in all their fullness and beauty, uniqueness and power, to bring new life to this world, a new life within you.

As this life awakens within you, through the blessings of the Father’s Love, so your lives change direction in response to this awakening. So this is why it is important that your material mind and the mind of your soul can come together in harmony so that when these possibilities awaken within you, you may receive them gracefully and accept them with love. For the mind that is not in harmony with the soul has its own direction and will and has a great deal of trouble understanding the possibilities of the soul. But when the soul flourishes in love and the mind acquiesces to the power of the soul, then there are great possibilities indeed, great potentials that come forth in a conscious and beautiful way.

You are awakening, my beloved students. You are awakening within this beautiful chamber of Love and Light, like some exotic flowers growing in a green house. We have created the conditions that will encourage vital growth, a wondrous awakening that comes quickly and flourishes within this environment. But unlike those beautiful flowers grown in special conditions in your world, you will not succumb to the inclement environment of your world. You will only grow stronger because the power of God’s Love will strengthen you, will keep you upon the right track, will keep you in the clarity and the faith that will guide you along this path, straight and narrow, purposeful and beautiful.

So you can see, we too help you to cultivate these great potentials within. We come to assist you, for our knowledge and our perception, our love and our gifts are utilised by God to help you to grow in this way. Yes we patiently tend to our precious charges and you fervently pray for your own awakening and so in this way, with this collaboration you continue to emerge from that beautiful soul of yours. What a miracle it is, of life, to see new life growing within you, beloved souls, to see the potentials coming to realization, to see the depth of your own awakening, your own awareness of God and the beauty of your own soul. So much comes when there is harmony, when there is a desire for truth and love, of knowing from the soul, of loving your own self, of recognizing the beauty that God has created. So much can come from these efforts of prayer, of climbing out of the mists into the clear light of day. So we continue to work together in this tending of your garden, the garden of your soul as God pours His Love upon you, as we help you to eliminate the weeds, those things that are not meant to be in your garden, that you may stroll in this beautiful, private place resplendent with miracles, of gifts and possibilities. May you truly come to know yourselves, beloved souls. May you find refuge in your soul, soul light, soul light. May His Love continue to bring new life to you, new awakenings that open you to the wondrous blossoms that God has placed within you.

God bless you, beloved souls, I am Augustine. I continue to uphold you, to bring my perceptions and teaching to you. This is my service to God. I come to you in love and God has blessed me with the gift of nurturing His beloved children. God bless you beloveds. I love you.