Messages 2017

A Mind That Follows The Grace Of The Soul

December 4th, 2017

Gibsons, B. C. Canada

Received by Al Fike.


I am Keea-atta Kem. Yes you have indeed entered a new phase in the development of your gifts. In the previous time that you have been together we have worked diligently to blend the chemicals to help to encourage harmony amongst you and to help you to pray more earnestly. We have also helped you to rise up into these beautiful conditions of Light that will assist you and us to develop this special gift of direct voice. My beloveds you have been lifted into this Light, you have prayed for this and desired this within your souls and God has gifted you with great Light, each one and all of you together. Now it is for you to completely open yourselves in this place of Light. And all those little bits within you that are not in harmony with God’s Love are now need to be put aside, to be washed clean and expelled from you.

This is quite possible my beloveds and it is not as difficult as you might think. What is a more challenging issue is the acceptance of your minds of the Light within your souls. For as you know, the condition of your mind and the patterns of your mind are quite different from that of your soul. This is your challenge at this time beloveds, to calm your minds, to allow the Light of your soul to infuse this powerful part of your being, that part of your being that many of you have allowed to dominate you, to determine the condition of your Light. And yet through this challenge you have grown steadily as the power of God’s Love and the changes continue to consistently manifest within your soul, leading to all these conditions of Light and Love and harmony. God has blessed you deeply beloveds, very deeply indeed. With all of these days together in prayer and with your own personal efforts to bring greater Light within yourself, you have brought a great boon of blessings to yourselves. Though your minds resolutely continue to see the world from that place, to see yourselves from that old and well grained perspective, your challenge is to free yourself from the shackles of your mind and embrace and accept the Light of your souls and the perspective of your souls. And as this Light ascends into your consciousness and is allowed to infuse every part of your material mind, your being, there will be no conflict my beloveds. There will be no trauma where the thinking of your mind shifts so dramatically that you become fearful. It will infuse you with warmth and peace, Love and joy, and you will sense the freedom, you will see the wisdom of a mind that follows the grace of the soul rather than resist and judge and be fearful.

We have talked about this, this changing over and harmonizing between the mind and the soul and I think often you have heard our words. But not truly, you do not truly believe that this is possible, or you think that it is too far away to be real or plausible. Yet you have spent many hours together in prayer, you have spent hours on your own with God in prayer. And before you have come together and spent untold hours in prayer. Did you expect there to be no response or change within you? That something wonderful may happen with the power of God’s Love. Surely my beloveds, you can see that God’s Touch changes everything. Know that you live in this world so entrenched within the minds of men, the conditions of humanity and you have pulled yourselves away, you have sought another way, a way of Light and Truth and Love and Grace.

And so to be in this condition of Love and harmony you must absorb and integrate the changes that have come with the inflowing of God’s Love into you. With the many other blessings that have come with this, the healings, the awareness’s, the wisdom, the joy, the awakening - all of these gifts are given by God so that you may truly walk in this Light and be close and in harmony and in deep connection with God. With this you will touch many souls and teach many souls and demonstrate this Truth by your mere existence, the mere beauty of your beloved soul. This is your challenge my beloveds. Are you willing to accept these gifts that God gives you and to allow these gifts to infuse every part of your being? To allow this Light to glow and be resplendent in your countenance? You know the Truths my beloveds, each of you has studied them and you know them well. You have looked to God for Truth, you have looked to God to change you, to make you into that soul that is transformed by Love. And so God has responded, has sent His Holy Spirit to touch your souls, has sent His angels to nurture and teach and guide and fill you with inspiration and upliftment. For some of you this has been for many years. Is it not time now to step into this new being that has been created in Love? To accept this and to embrace this Holy Gift. This beautiful gift of Love andto shout out: “Father I am free of that which is dark and not of Love. Father my life is for you, I live in the flow of your Love and Will, I am a part of you because I have accepted the essence of your soul within mine.”

May you find your way my beloved friends. May you allow the Light of your soul to show you the way to bring you deep peace and wonderful joy, to open your eyes to awaken your souls. You step upon the verge of this awakening and with this awakening will come the gifts that you so desire. The burdens do not hold you down my beloveds. You have worked diligently to be released from these things of the human condition, and God has granted you many blessings to help you come to that place of freedom. As happens so often, the one who has been suppressed and caged and confined and when finally the door opens and the shackles fall away, there is a sense of safety within those old habits and places created by this dark condition. Now you must enter through the door and accept a life of freedom. It is only your minds that keep you from this, those old habits, those old beliefs and ideas. Let them go my beloveds. Let the Father lift you into that wondrous ecstatic Light that you may joyfully accept His Gifts and be amongst those of Light who await you. That you may be that powerful channel of Love in the world that God desires you to be.

God bless you my beloveds. I am Keea-atta Kem and I gaze upon you in joy to see the Light within your souls. Knowing that you are on the edge of a new life, a life borne of Love and Truth. May you truly come to Love your new selves and be in harmony with what is true and of Love. God bless you my beloveds. God bless you.