Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Introduction from Another Planet

September 7th, 2021

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

Greetings and blessings, children of the Earth. I am Orion. I have come so that you may know me for I work with this dear daughter and I work with you all in your efforts to awaken humanity to a higher state of consciousness and awareness so that in time humanity may embrace the entire universe in their understanding and acceptance of all that the Great Creator of All has brought into being. The journey of life includes many layers of experience and consciousness that humanity has denied itself because it is unwilling to move beyond its static view of reality, its view that is centered in one place, one planet that in many minds is the center of all that God has created. But in truth, your one planet is merely a tiny aspect of all that is in God’s creation. It is like a grain of sand upon the seashore. Imagine this, my friends, that life abounds in so many places that you cannot count, that God’s creation is infinite and bounteous.

My name is Orion but in truth I cannot tell you my name for you could not pronounce it. But I come from the area of your perception of the universe that you call Orion so I suffice to bring this name forward so that you may know me more readily. In physical appearance, I am not unlike yourselves. We are a taller race and have features that are not unlike your own. We have been aware and have a level of spiritual acuity and wisdom that would dwarf what is presently exhibited upon your Earth plane. But like so many in the great universe of God’s children, we have a deep desire to serve those in God’s universe so that they may move forward in light and enlightenment, that they may come to understand the potentials that God has instilled within them, the gifts as you call them, of their own soul, for each and everyone of us in God’s universe possesses a soul.

So, we are family in this regard. Within that soul consciousness is a great similarity of perspective, desire and potential. Since we have overcome many of the obstacles which you still face upon your world, we are compelled to come and assist you in your struggles and bring to you the wisdom that we carry. We have been invited by your Celestial friends to assist them and assist you in this project. What you wish to manifest is a rudimentary aspect of what we are able to utilize and bring forward with our gifts and knowledge and understanding. So it is a simple matter for us to help you in this endeavour and we are very happy to do so.

For so many who are at a lower plane of development in the great firmament of God’s universe, it requires something dramatic, something often that is traumatic in order to shift consciousness and kick-start, as you would say, the machinery of true awakening to the great potentials of every individual upon your planet. We know and feel, as do many in the universe, this great momentum that is taking place now in your world. It draws our interest and our desire to help birth something that is truly beyond the condition and understanding that you have at this time.

We are excited by the prospects of another race coming into the great family of God’s children that are a part of this universe. This will happen within a reasonable amount of time. It is not hundreds or thousands of years hence but it is coming as the barriers are broken between human consciousness and that of a wider, more universal understanding of life. You have made great efforts and strides to break those barriers within yourselves. You are diligent in these efforts and indeed, we see the barriers and the challenges that beset you. It is most unfortunate that humanity is set upon such a rigid view and perspective of what they deem reality for what is deemed reality is truly a very shallow and very distorted view of what is truly the magnificence of God’s creation.

It is time to shatter this distorted view, though there will be many who will be fearful and not react well with such a shattering, but from our perspective we understand that this is the only way that change can truly take place. For change must happen as your guides and teachers have told you so many times. Change is inevitable. It is truly a constant in the universe. Humanity is being given a great opportunity, a door to be opened that will bring many changes and many benefits, but for this to be so, much of what you value, much of what you have created, much that is so very much a part of your lives in this human reality must dissolve and go by the wayside in order to usher in something new, something more in alignment and in harmony with the Laws of the Universe, the Laws of God’s Creation.

You are each helping to bring this new reality forth. Allow God to open your eyes. Allow us to assist you in birthing a new perspective, a new reality that is indeed born of the soul awakened and the mind opened in conjunction with the soul with all perceptions that are possible within you coming to the forefront and being acknowledged, coalescing into a new truth that you must live by and accept.

Few have been willing to open themselves in this way, stepping forward beyond the human norms to something that is truly magnificent but also very challenging to your limited thinking. We will be close, my friends. We have much to give to the Earth when that time comes where Earth is in need and many of your brothers and sisters will cry out for comfort, stability, truth, peace. In this crying out, many forces will respond and bring to you that which is required to uphold you through this great shift, this great reckoning that is God’s Will, so to bring harmony to you rather than the difficulties and disruptions that are now part of your daily life.

We all assist God, my friends. The reality of God is one great reality that we all share, those of us who live in deeper and higher planes of reality. We have not abandoned God as one may surmise, those of us who live on other planets. Rather, we have embraced the universal truth that God is love and that all is governed by love. If humanity is willing to embrace this truth, then indeed the world will be transformed and awakened to something very new and very wonderful. Then true progress will take place, the progress that will bring new technologies, new systems of government, new ways of supporting one another in your endeavours, and new understandings of human potential and those things that may bring forth greater harmony in your world.

Indeed, humanity must be receptive and awakened for at this time. The vast majority are asleep, living in this somnambulance of distortion and lack of love. It is time, my friends, for all that you think and see as solid ground, a reality concocted by the human mind, must be transformed. The illusion must dissipate like clouds in the sun of truth and so that you all may be liberated from the tyranny of your own making and come to the truth of God’s creation which is beyond your imaginings. In time you will all come to know a different world, a world that reflects God’s creation, a world that is of love, a world that harmoniously lives with all creatures, all that God has created, a world that has within it such elegance and finesse and beauty in a way that humanity may live and cohabit in this world.

It is coming, my friends. We are happy to join you in these times of seeking and rising up to that higher place of truth, of awareness, of perception, of love. As God’s Love transforms you, so your awareness will be changed and your perceptions heightened and transformed. Your being will reflect the light of a soul awakened by the Great Creator of All Souls.

I believe I have spoken enough today. May you know that I am with you, that I have a special bond with this dear daughter who has prayed today, and that there are others of my kind working with you. We do so with great benevolence and love. We do so to help usher in the awakening of humanity so that they too may join us, the great collective gathering of many in the universe who work together and bring together much harmony and progress in the true sense that progress is towards greater harmony.

Thank you, my friends. I thank this instrument for allowing me to speak and I thank your angel friends who are a part of this gathering and have allowed us into a sort of partnership so that progress can be made swiftly and effectively in your group and in your world. I am Orion and I am happy to be with you today. May your progress be swift and the awakenings come as joyful revelations. May love be the cornerstone of all that you do. As God continues to bless us all, may we progress forward in light and love and truth. God bless you, my beloved friends. I am Orion. I am happy to be with you today. God bless you.