Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Affirms Working with Seretta Kem

September 16th, 2021

Gibsons, B.C. Canada

Received by Al Fike

I am Orion, and we to assist you in this process of awakening, opening yourselves to this new way of being, seeing and knowing.

Yes you have perceived the instruments that we use in order to help facilitate this awakening, not in a way that forces the faculties within to open, rather it is an invitation to open. Indeed it is up to each of you to accept that invitation and to allow what is given through these experiences and implementation upon your being, so that in a conscious way you will understand and know through these fresh and awakening faculties, so new and so tender.

You are safe my friends, safe in this process. If you are worried, know that all of this has been planned ahead of time with your angle friends and has been approved by them. They have gratefully accepted our assistance and are in need of these avenues of powerful, transformative awakenings of your faculties and perceptions. There is nothing to worry about, beloved children. We are being gentle and we care for you as if you are our own children and indeed our love for you is great. Our respect, acknowledgement, and admiration of you is great. The brave souls that you are, willing to step forward, willing to release so much that is a powerful part of the human condition, that part which has clung to you for many years and yet now we help you to release that and this is in conjunction with the power of Gods love within your soul that facilitates the release of that which grips your soul.

You are continuing in this process and there will be pain at times, both physical and emotional, but as it travels through you it is being released. So each of you will have your challenges but also many blessings in response to what is been given.

God bless you my friends, I am Orion, God bless you deeply.